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Vouloir, Pouvoir, Devoir

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COUCOU! Ready to conjugate some verbs ? Yeah ! You may have already realized that the number of irregular verbs in French is pretty high, unfortunately. In the present of the indicative alone, there are a bunch of irregular verbs. Here are

Ficher & Foutre Expressions

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Learn fun French expressions with “ficher” and “foutre” SALUT ! Ok, so I’ve been teaching you a lot of slang and bad words lately. Time to stop ? Hell, no ! In this video, I will occasionally give you the option to speak more

Learn French slang word “gueuler”

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  SALUT TOUT LE MONDE ! J’ESPÈRE QUE VOUS ALLEZ TOUS BIEN! Let’s explore a fun familiar word and all its derivatives today.  I’m talking about the word« gueule ». Have you heard of it ? First of all, UNE GUEULE is an animal’s

COVID-19 Vocabulary

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SALUT ! COMMENT ÇA VA ?  It’s been a while, I know. There’s been a lot going on lately. But one good thing about the current situation is that I’m spending quite a bit of time at home , probably like you

Interview of Thilda

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INTERVIEW OF MULTI-TALENTED ARTIST, THILDA, Once you have watched Thilda’s interview, check out her songs and work on your French listening to her music! Below each music video, you will find two pdf files. The first one is a “fill

Learn French Exclamations

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FRENCH EXCLAMATIONS Learn how to exclaim yourself in French Transcript of the Video Lesson on French Exclamations OH LÀ LÀ ! WOUAH ! QUOI ! COMMENT ! PUTAIN ! AH MERDE ! OH LE CON ! Salut ! Yeah, the mood is set ! In this video we’re focusing

Nice French Slang Vocabulary

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NICE FRENCH SLANG Learn Nice French Slang Vocabulary SALUT TOUT LE MONDE! One of you guys requested that I do a video on nice slang words. So I’ve tried to do just that and I’ve gathered a list of familiar

French Immersion Courses in Montpellier

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French Immersion Courses in Montpellier Learn French in Montpellier using your 5 senses “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” – Chinese proverb – Learning a new language is an amazing journey,


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Les Pronoms Possessifs Learn French Possessive Pronouns  Links mentioned in the video:  Lesson on French definite articles: Lesson on French possessive adjectives: Translating exercises at the bottom of this page. TRANSCRIPT OF THE FRENCH POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS VIDEO Let

Learn French in Quebec City

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LEARN FRENCH IN QUEBEC CITY Study French with Edu Inter School in Quebec City (Video created in partnership with Edu Inter French School)     TRANSCRIPT OF THE VIDEO: LEARNING FRENCH IN QUEBEC CITY Salut tout le monde ! What’s the

The French Passive Form

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LA VOIX PASSIVE Learn How to Form the Passive in French 1. Structure of the Passive Form in French Hello everybody ! Do you know what the passive form is? Basically I’d say most sentences are in the active form : the subject

French Conditional (Present & Past)

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LE CONDITIONNEL (PRÉSENT/PASSÉ) Learn French Conditional (Present & Past) Let’s learn how to conjugate the conditional, both present and past !   When to use the Conditional First, do you know what it corresponds to in English and when to use

French Imparfait

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L’IMPARFAIT Learn to Conjugate French Verbs in the Imperfect L’IMPARFAIT is a past tense that refers to actions that lasted in the past, that repeated themselves in the past. It is also used for descriptions in the past. It basically

Spelling-Change Verbs in the Present

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SPELLING-CHANGE VERBS Learn French Spelling-Change Verbs in the Present Welcome to this lesson on what we call « spelling-change verbs ». These are verbs that have slight irregularities in their conjugations in the present tense. They are not totally irregular, but the

French Irregular -IR ending Verbs

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FRENCH IRREGULAR -IR VERBS Learn the Present of Irregular -IR Verbs in French Hey guys ! Have you already learned how to conjugate regular -IR ending verbs in French ? No ? What a shame ! Get that done now and then come back

Vouloir, Pouvoir, Devoir in the Present

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DEVOIR, POUVOIR,VOULOIR Learn the Present of Devoir, Pouvoir, Vouloir COUCOU ! You may have already realized that the number of irregular verbs in French is pretty high unfortunately. In the present of the indicative alone, there are a bunch of irregular

What is French slang LE VERLAN

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WHAT IS FRENCH SLANG “LE VERLAN” Learn French backward way of speaking TRANSCRIPT: FRENCH “VERLAN” Hi guys ! Today I thought I’d teach you some fun French slang called LE VERLAN. Have you ever heard of it ? Basically LE VERLAN is

Learn English Words Used in French

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LEARN ENGLISH WORDS USED IN FRENCH Start speaking French using English words TRANSCRIPT OF VIDEO ON ENGLISH WORDS USED IN FRENCH BONJOUR ! J’AI UN SCOOP POUR VOUS AUJOURD’HUI ! 4% of French words are of English origin. And guess what… AUTRE

French Slang to Express Anger

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FRENCH SLANG & ANGER How to sound like an angry French person! Transcript of the video SALUT TOUT LE MONDE ! COMMENT ÇA VA ? BIEN ? MOYEN ? ÇA VA PAS DU TOUT ?! If you’re feeling angry or frustrated, this is the lesson for

Learn French Pronoun Y

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FRENCH PRONOUN “Y” Learn how to use French Pronoun Y   Transcript of this French grammar lesson SALUT ! Welcome to « Oh la la, I Speak French ! ». Let’s learn how to use French pronoun « y ». You probably know the expression : IL

Learn French Environment Vocabulary

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Learn French Holiday Vocabulary

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VACATIONING IN FRENCH Learn French Holiday Vocabulary  COUCOU ! It’s summer time. Yeah ! I love the sun, the heat and of course, the holidays !!! VIVE LES VACANCES ! IL EST TEMPS DE PRENDRE LE LARGE, DE FAIRE UN BREAK ! Or maybe you’ve

Tips on Motivation and Learning French

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3 TIPS ON MOTIVATION: HOW NOT TO GIVE UP FRENCH ! French Lesson Transcript: SALUT TOUT LE MONDE! I was wondering what to teach you today and then I remembered how the students I had in L.A. often complained about how

Learn 8 French Positive Sayings

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LEARN 8 FRENCH POSITIVE EXPRESSIONS 8 DICTONS POSITIFS Transcript:  SALUT TOUT LE MONDE ! Today I thought I’d fight another preconceived idea about the French. They are said to have a bad temper, to be negative. Well, I’d like to show