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Video on French culture Salut tout le monde ! Me voilà de retour après une longue absence, avec cette vidéo sur LE PREMIER AVRIL EN FRANCE, April First in France. I’m back right on time, for April Fools’ Day ! French traditions on

French Touch in Business

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What is this little “je ne sais quoi”? Why do you think American business owners sometimes choose a French name for their business (Décor, Agent provocateur, La Poubelle…) ? Especially when they work in the fashion, food and beauty industries… 

Web Comedy Series DZ

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French comedic web series “à la sauce algérienne” Check out this French comedy series: DZ. Directed by Karine de Falchi and starring Adam Lablack, Shirley Bousquet, and Salome Granelli. 1ER EPISODE: LA DISPUTE 2EME EPISODE: LE BOULOT (work) 3EME ÉPISODE:

Indirect Object Pronouns

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Pronouns replacing people SALUT ! Today I’m going to teach you about indirect object pronouns replacing people. They can be pretty tricky so, stay focused ! First of all remember that all object pronouns, both direct and indirect, come before the verbs they relate

French Technology Vocabulary

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How to talk about technology in French French technology vocabulary Useful French technology words Hey guys ! Today, I want to talk to you about LA TECHNOLOGIE, that thing we’ve become so attached to, can’t live without. VOICI VOTRE VOCABULAIRE HIGH-TECH ! Here’s

Direct Object Pronouns

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Pronoms d’objet direct: me, te, le, la, l’, nous, vous, les Learn what direct object pronouns are with this French video lesson, and practice using them. BONJOUR ! J’ESPÈRE QUE VOUS ÊTES EN FORME. Because today, we’re going to work on

French for beginners Lesson 10

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In lesson 10 of Oh La La I Speak French, learn to ask questions with interrogative words (où, quand, comment, pourquoi, qui…), learn to express Likes & Dislikes in French and make the difference between “c’est” and “il, elle est”.

French for beginners Lesson 9

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In lesson 9 of the Oh La La I Speak French course for beginners, you will learn how to conjugate the verb “faire” in the indicative present, how to ask questions (yes/no answers type), and how to use interrogative word

French for Beginners Lesson 8

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In lesson 8 of the Oh La La I Speak French course for beginners, learn the days of the week, months & how to ask for the time. Discover how the French use military time quite a lot. 8.1 Days

French for Beginners Lesson 7

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In lesson 7 of the French for beginners course, improve your listening comprehension, enrich your Vocabulary, learn French numbers up to 69, how to say your Age and finally learn numbers from 70 upwards. 7.1 French Listening Comprehension & Vocabulary

French for Beginners Lesson 6

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In Lesson 6 of the Oh La La I Speak French course for beginners, learn new French vocabulary, indefinite articles, and how to conjugate the verb “Avoir” along with some “avoir” expressions. 6.1 New French words for beginners Lesson 6.1

Le 8 mai: jour férié et célébrations en France

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May 8 celebrations in France May 8th, a holiday in France SALUT TOUT LE MONDE ! AUJOURD’HUI, C’EST LE 8 MAI ET EN FRANCE C’EST UN JOUR FÉRIÉ. I know, I’m starting this video like last week’s but we have a

Le 1er mai: La Fête du Muguet et du Travail

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Salut! C’est le 1er mai. Learn all there is to know about the French Labor Day and “La Fête du Muguet”! SALUT LES AMIS ! AUJOURD’HUI, C’EST LE PREMIER MAI. ET EN FRANCE, C’EST UN JOUR FÉRIÉ. ON AIME LES JOURS

French slang for Food

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LEARN SLANG WORDS TO TALK ABOUT FOOD IN FRENCH This video will allow you to learn French familiar words and expressions related to food so that you can start speaking like the French. LEARN FRENCH FOOD SLANG & SPEAK LIKE

Speak about “money” in French

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Learn French words and expressions related to money Salut  les amis ! First of all, Qu’est-ce qui fait tourner le monde ? Notre monde moderne, capitaliste ?  Qu’est-ce qui est au centre de tout ? QUELQUE CHOSE QUI EST UN PEU TABOO EN FRANCE…

French Pronunciation

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Proper French & Spoken French: 7 Differences Improve your French pronunciation: Learn the 7 differences between the French that you learn and the French that we speak. Coucou tout le monde ! Comment ça va ? Big scoop today : the French that

French Pronunciation: the Liaison

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THE LIAISON: IMPROVE YOUR FRENCH PRONUNCIATION Knowing how to make a liaison in French is key if you want to improve your pronunciation of the language. HOW TO MAKE A LIAISON IN FRENCH Hi guys ! Première vidéo de 2022. On

Vouloir Pouvoir Devoir in the Present

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Conjugate “vouloir, pouvoir, devoir” in the Present Tense Learn how to conjugate the verbs “vouloir” (to want), “pouvoir” (to be able to/can), “devoir” (to have to) in the present tense in French. COUCOU! Ready to conjugate some verbs ? Yeah ! You

Ficher & Foutre Expressions in French

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Ficher & Foutre Expressions in French Ficher & Foutre: French slang expressions Ficher & foutre expressions are very commonly used in everyday French. This video will teach you how to speak like the French in an informal context. Transcript of

Learn French slang word “gueuler”

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Learn “gueuler” to speak everyday French “Gueuler” is a very common word in everyday French slang. People use it all the time, along with familiar derivatives of “gueuler”. Learn its meaning with this Oh La La I Speak French video.

COVID-19 French Vocabulary

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Learn COVID-19 and pandemic vocabulary in French In this funny video, you will learn COVID-19 French vocabulary and other useful words to talk about the pandemic in French, and swear about it too. Watch out, swear words included! Transcript of

Interview of French Singer Thilda

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INTERVIEW OF MULTI-TALENTED ARTIST, THILDA Once you have watched Thilda’s interview, check out her songs and work on your French listening to her music! Below each music video, you will find two pdf files. The first one is a “fill

French Exclamations

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French exclamations: how to form them. Different Types of French Exclamations – French slang included! The way the French exclaim themselves can be pretty different from the way English speakers exclaim themselves. Learn the different types of French exclamations with

Learn nice familiar French (slang)

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NICE FAMILIAR FRENCH WORDS & EXPRESSIONS Speak Familiar French with nice French words and expressions SALUT TOUT LE MONDE! One of you guys requested that I do a video on nice slang words. So I’ve tried to do just that