French Culture

French Touch in Business

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What is this little “je ne sais quoi”? Why do you think American business owners sometimes choose a French name for their business (Décor, Agent provocateur, La Poubelle…) ? Especially when they work in the fashion, food and beauty industries… 

Web Comedy Series DZ

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French comedic web series “à la sauce algérienne” Check out this French comedy series: DZ. Directed by Karine de Falchi and starring Adam Lablack, Shirley Bousquet, and Salome Granelli. 1ER EPISODE: LA DISPUTE 2EME EPISODE: LE BOULOT (work) 3EME ÉPISODE:

Interview of French Singer Thilda

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INTERVIEW OF MULTI-TALENTED ARTIST, THILDA Once you have watched Thilda’s interview, check out her songs and work on your French listening to her music! Below each music video, you will find two pdf files. The first one is a “fill

Tips on Motivation and Learning French

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3 TIPS ON MOTIVATION: HOW NOT TO GIVE UP FRENCH ! French Lesson Transcript: SALUT TOUT LE MONDE! I was wondering what to teach you today and then I remembered how the students I had in L.A. often complained about how

How to learn French with films and videos

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Interview Lost in Frenchlation: use films to learn French This fun video lesson gives you tips on how to use films and videos to learn French. You can test the method given right away thanks to an interview with Manon

Lesson on French Politics: The 2017 Presidential Elections

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FRENCH POLITICS & 2017 ELECTIONS THE 2017 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS & FRENCH POLITICS As the French are about to vote for their French President, learn about French Politics with a fun video including an overview of the French political system, comedic

Bidule, bilingual French English Book for Kids

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Learn French with children’s book Moi, Bidule written by Anaïs Godard and Anne Gaëlle Huon – a great way to enrich your French vocabulary with new words and expressions.

Oh La La, learning French for business rocks!

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Anabela Barros, from Nacelesl, lists the benefits of learning the French language for business. Includes link to lessons to learn business French.

Le Zapping de Canal+

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The word ZAPPER tends to be used in a familiar context when we forget something: Ex. J’ai zappé un truc. (I forgot something.) But it can also mean – and maybe you know that already – to change TV channels. 

Learn French Culture: Les Névroses de Marina

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Fun web series for Advanced French Learners Wanna get a glimpse at the life of a Parisian single mom in the heart of romantic Paris while practicing your French?! Well, here’s the perfect web series for you: “Les Névroses de

La machine à apprendre des sous-doués

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Using film to learn French is always a great idea! My favorite kind of movies to use… comedies of course! Here’s an extract from an old French movie, a comedy and a classic of French cinema entitled “Les Sous-Doués Passent

Shopping in Paris

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WHERE TO SHOP IN PARIS PARISIAN HANGOUTS FOR FASHIONISTAS Shopping in Paris is not what it used to be, some will say… It is a fact that with globalization, the French “Je ne sais quoi” now hides behind a variety

La Galette Des Rois

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LA GALETTE DES ROIS (click here for the recipe in French) Have you ever dreamt of being a king or a queen? Now’s your chance! You have from the end of December until about mid-January to make your dream come

French Christmas Celebrations

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HOW THE FRENCH CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS Vous voulez tout savoir sur les fêtes de Noël en France? Alors placez le bon mot au bon endroit! (You want to know everything about Christmas celebrations in France? Then plug in the right word in the right place!)  naissance

How to learn the French language

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HOW TO LEARN FRENCH A Few Tips on How to Learn the French Language A lot of people contact me to learn French and they’re usually very excited about it. So why is it that a few months down the

Skiing in France

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ON SKIING AND THE FONDUE SAVOYARDE You obviously know that the French love to eat, but did you know that they love to ski too? Here’s a top  recipe for  cold winter days in France: a tasty “Raclette Savoyarde” combined


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Bad pun? Maybe. Interesting question? I think so… Is Halloween winning in France? Apparently Halloween originated thousands of years ago among the Celts. At that time, people celebrated the passage into the new year, the new season. Growing up in France,


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Ever heard of beaches taking over the French capital? No, the Pacific Ocean hasn’t reached Paris! Nor has the English Channel!   Instead, every summer since 2002, tons of sand are brought to the banks of the Seine river to


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“Everybody’s gone surfin’ Surfin U.S.A. “, sang the Beach Boys. How about doing something not actually experienced by everybody else? Wanna take your fancy boards to the French Atlantic Coast? Let’s do it! Let’s go to Biarritz!     Biarritz


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HALLOWEEN OR HALLO…WIN IN FRANCE? Bad pun? Maybe. Interesting question? I think so… Is Halloween winning in France? Apparently Halloween originated thousands of years ago among the Celts. At that time, people celebrated the passage into the new year, the new