French for beginners Lesson 10

French for beginners Lesson 10

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In lesson 10 of Oh La La I Speak French, learn to ask questions with interrogative words (où, quand, comment, pourquoi, qui…), learn to express Likes & Dislikes in French and make the difference between “c’est” and “il, elle est”.

10.1 French interrogative words

In this lesson, you will learn “How to ask questions with interrogative words in French.” First, let’s clarify what interrogative words are. How do you say “where” in French? How do you say “how” etc.? The most commonly used words as when, what, how, why, where, who, and how many/much. Discover the meaning of quand, où, comment, pourquoi, qui etc.

10.2 Express likes and dislikes in French

Hi guys! As we all know, while traveling, we often meet many people on the way and we can use this opportunity to have basic conversations about our likes or dislikes. So in this video, we will learn how to express a “like” or a “dislike” in French with the verbs “aimer, adorer, détester”.

10.3 Il/Elle est OR C’est: learn the difference

Let’s learn how to make the difference between “il/elle est” and “c’est” in French. “il/elle est” and “c’est = “he/she is” or “it is”. If you want to know more, watch the full video and see the differences and uses of these words.

CONGRATULATIONS on learning French online, on your own! You have completed the first FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS Course. You are now ready for the:
French for Advanced Beginners Series of Videos.

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