French for Beginners: -ER verbs in the present

French for Beginners: -ER verbs in the present

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FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS 5: -er verbs & prepositions of countries

5.1 Conjugate -ER ending Verbs

French for beginners course, lesson 5.1: learn how to conjugate all -ER ending verbs.

5.2 Basic French Vocabulary & Listening Comprehension

French for Beginners Course, Lesson 5.2: as a beginner in French, it is important to keep enriching your vocabulary, memorize new words and expressions and improve your listening comprehension skills. This is just what this video helps you to do using a webisode of web series “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks

5.3 Prepositions to use with Countries & Cities in French

In French countries have a gender, they are either feminine or masculine. And depending on that gender, you need to use different prepositions to indicate which country you are in.

Whenever you are ready, move on to the next lesson for French beginners.

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