French for Beginners Lesson 7

French for Beginners Lesson 7

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Added by May 15, 2022

In lesson 7 of the French for beginners course, improve your listening comprehension, enrich your Vocabulary, learn French numbers up to 69, how to say your Age and finally learn numbers from 70 upwards.

7.1 French Listening Comprehension & Vocabulary

In this video, we will learn French vocabulary, some numbers, and ER-ending verbs. Start developing your French word bank with some fundamental words and phrases. Learn how to say “hello, goodbye” – among other common French words.

7.2 Number up to 69 in French

French for Beginners course “Oh la la, I’m Starting French!”. French lesson 7.2: learn French numbers up to 69. How to count in French. Counting is so basic in every country and language. So let’s start with learning French numbers and how to count up to 69 in French.

7.3 How to say one’s age in French

French for Beginners Course “Oh La La, I’m Starting French!”. Learn how to ask and say your age in French. Soraya teaches you common French words and phrases in this video to learn how to ask “How old are you” in French? Learn French vocabulary and grammar. Use French verb “avoir”.

Whenever you are ready, move on to lesson 8 for French Beginners.

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