French for Beginners Lesson 8

French for Beginners Lesson 8

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Added by May 15, 2022

In lesson 8 of the Oh La La I Speak French course for beginners, learn the days of the week, months & how to ask for the time. Discover how the French use military time quite a lot.

8.1 Days of the week and months in French

French for Beginners Course, lesson 8.1: learn how to ask for the time and learn French vocabulary related to days, weeks, and months. Watch this video and start speaking French, learning the new French words and expressions with the right pronunciation!

8.2 Learn the time in French

Let’s learn how to say the time in French with Oh La La I Speak French. How to ask for time and tell someone the time. This video will help you a lot with time. But for perfection, you have to learn, memorize, and practice daily. With different times and different ways of pronouncing, memorize with a small skit that helps you a lot and makes it fun to memorize.

8.3 French military time

Oh, La La I Speak French is here to help you learn how to use military time in French. How do you ask “what time is it” in French? What if the person answers using military time? This video will greatly assist you in getting your schedule right!

Whenever you are ready, move on to Lesson 9 for French beginners.

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