French for beginners Lesson 9

French for beginners Lesson 9

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Added by May 15, 2022

In lesson 9 of the Oh La La I Speak French course for beginners, you will learn how to conjugate the verb “faire” in the indicative present, how to ask questions (yes/no answers type), and how to use interrogative word “quel”.

9.1 French verb “faire” in the indicative present

Let’s learn how to conjugate the French word “faire.” As the same time, learn expressions used with that same verb “faire”. Learn how to talk about fun activities like sports for example. How to say: to play football, dance, sing, jog, ride a bike, and so on in French.

9.2 Ask simple questions in French

Let’s learn how to ask questions leading to “yes or no” types of answers in French. To ask simple questions in French, there is no need to use helping verbs “do, are, is, did” like in English. Instead, use the structure of a French affirmative sentence, and have your voice go up so that people understand you’re asking a question.

9.3 Asking questions with QUEL

Let’s learn how to ask questions starting with interrogative words “quel” in French. QUEL is an adjective, which means that it always matches the gender and number of whatever it refers to. If QUEL is associated with a feminine noun for example, it will be spelled QUELLE. Watch the full video to learn how to use QUEL properly when asking questions in French.

Whenever you are ready, move on to Lesson 10 for French beginners.

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