French for Beginners Lesson 2

French for Beginners Lesson 2

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2.1 French pronunciation for beginners

Learn French pronunciation, how to pronounce nasal sounds in particular, vowel sounds, and discover which letters not to pronounce too in a French word. 

2.2 Some basic French words

Learn basic words in French so that you can get by and start acquiring some useful vocabulary.

2.3 French Subject Pronouns

Subject pronouns are key when you want to make a simple sentence in French. Learn how to say “I, you, he, she, it, we, they” in French so that you can start making your own sentences.

2.4 Different Types of Verbs in French

In order to Conjugate French Verbs, you first need to know which category of verbs each one belongs to. This video explains it all clearly for you.

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