French Immersion Courses in Montpellier

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French Immersion Courses in Montpellier

Learn French in Montpellier using your 5 senses

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

– Chinese proverb –

Learning a new language is an amazing journey, one that goes beyond the sheer capacity to speak and understand another way of communicating. It involves immersing oneself in the culture, interacting with natives, trying their food etc. so that you can feel as if you were part of it. That’s why it is so important to actually spend time in the country (or countries) where the language is spoken. If you are learning French, I’d suggest spending time in Montpellier, the city where I actually went to university to learn English! Montpellier is a vibrant city in the South of France, well known for its student life and very enjoyable art of living… It is a city that will turn your linguistic experience into a rich sensorial experience… Want to know more? Read on!

Learn French in Montpellier

Feel the Mediterranean Breeze

Mediterranean breezeFirst of all, Montpellier benefits from the mildest climate in metropolitan France: the Mediterranean climate. Sunny days and a soft breeze will keep you happy on a daily basis and put you in the perfect mood to spontaneously start a conversation with native speakers. Never forget your most obvious goal: to improve your French language skills! You will get to experience the French language and culture to the fullest. In summer, that will probably involve feeling the warmth of the sun while lying on the beach. The Mediterranean sea is just minutes away from Montpellier’s city center. The mountains are never too far either if you’re more of an inland person… In winter, mild temperatures will also allow you to spend quite a bit of time outdoors.

French croissant Smell French croissant

In the morning, on your way to school, the delightful smell coming out of the local boulangerie will help you get out of bed. Trust me on that one! Don’t know how to ask for “un croissant” or “une brioche” yet? Don’t worry, you will quickly learn… Motivation makes wonders… And at lunch time, you can run back to your favorite baker’s for a homemade quiche if you feel like it. You’ll burn it off walking like the French!

Listen to French Music

Learn French with Music in MontpellierMontpellier is also an amazing cultural hub. You can attend concerts every day in this vibrant city. Or you can watch a French movie at one of the many theaters the city has to offer. Movies are great to both improve your listening comprehension skills and learn more about the French way of life.

These cultural activities should help you develop your interest for and knowledge of the French language and culture, no doubt!

Taste the French “Art de Vivre”

French aperitifWe all know it: a good glass of wine can be incredibly efficient in giving you the freedom to speak a language you’re not necessarily too comfortable with… This is just another reason why your stay in Montpellier is bound to be positive! I’m not encouraging you to get drunk every day, don’t get me wrong! Having said that, the “aperitif” is very much part of the French culture. It is a moment when friends often gather to grab a drink before dinner. It is particularly common in the South of France and should be a good opportunity for you to hone your French speaking skills, make new friends, and try local drinks and food delicacies. French cuisine and wines are rich and varied in France. Besides, in Montpellier, language exchange meetings have become very popular so don’t hesitate to join in the fun! And chat away of course…

Feel Your Eyes with Wonders

National Park of Les Cévennes

Ah… The though of an aperitif in the late afternoon on the “Place de la Comédie” (main square of the city) makes me sigh… For Montpellier is just a beautiful city to live in, with lots of majestic buildings sometimes hiding quaint little streets leading onto cute little squares. Never a dull moment when you get lost in the city center, for it is both vibrant and elegant! And if this is just not enough for you, you can always go on excursions and discover La Camargue, explore fishermen’s towns such as Palavas-Les-Flots or else discover the mountains of Les Cévennes. Both the Mediterranean coast and the nearby mountainous sceneries will fill up your eyes with dreams and wonders…

Institut Européen de Français, Montpellier

Yes, my point is, learning French in Montpellier makes for a full sensorial experience! This Mediterranean city – which, I must admit, is close to my heart – offers the perfect environment to better one’s knowledge of the French language and culture. I know what I’m talking about!

Fyi, the French European Institute offers fun immersion courses that you may like to check out…

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