French Learning Video Blog, Feb 5th, on French pronunciation and accent

French Learning Video Blog, Feb 5th, on French pronunciation and accent

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Hello guys!

Let’s have some fun with French pronunciation today! I’ll give you some tips on how to work on that, and they we’ll practice speaking English with a French accent, just for fun and giggles!

To speak French, you need to bring all the sounds forward in the mouth, and use your lips. At the beginning, just over articulate, that will help you get the placement right. French vowels are particularly tricky to do. We have A, E, I, O, U. Check out webisode 5 or “Oh la la, Hollywood Speaks French!” for more practice and to see where bad pronunciation can lead you… It can be embarrassing yes! Then the letter R is pretty tough to do if you’re an native English speaker. Go scratch that throat! Erre… Très bien!

Now how can we transpose that into the English language to speak it with a French accent. Well, keep that placement forward in the mouth. Try and keep the “R” in the throat. And keep the sound box that is your mouth very small and tight. Take on an attitude if you’d like. You can start with the “Ronronron”… that weird sound Americans systematically seem to make when imitating a French person. And then you can pronounce all the English TH as a Z. That is very good indeed. Keep the I’s very smiley and French. I. And add “euh” after every sentence. Oh and finally, accentuate the last syllable of every word, and the last word in every sentence. Got it? Let’s try it now, with me!

Do you speak English? I speak French but my English is very bad. Can you help me?

Fun, right? If you’re an actor, that can come in handy. I actually did a short film a couple of years ago entitled “I’M NOT AN ACCENT”. It’s a romantic comedy in which I put all the frustration I’ve gathered while pursuing acting in Hollywood. Hey, my trailer got producer Harvey Weinstein to smile. I’m proud of that one. And I’m currently finishing the script of the feature version of that short. So if you’d like to give me some encouragement, I shall happily welcome it. Just like my Facebook page, and check out the short, here’s the link. MERCI BEAUCOUP!

Well, that’s it for today. Keep practicing your French PRONONCIATION.

Bye guys!

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