French learning Video Blog, Jan 29, tips to learn French

French learning Video Blog, Jan 29, tips to learn French

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Learn tips to learn French fast

It’s already the end of the first month of 2015. Flying… I hope you’ve made some progress in French this month. I’d like to take some time today for you to evaluate how you’re doing, and maybe give you a few extra tips on how to memorize words and structures in French – or in any other language for that matter.

The key to learning French is consistency. You gotta stay on it and keep up your knowledge of the language – however big or tiny it may be – on a daily basis ideally. It’s all about repetition, hearing the same thing over and over again.

It’s also important to vary the material you’re using to learn the language.

For example, we looked at vocabulary related to clothing the other day. You can watch the videos a few times if you’d like, but it’s also important for you to go and check other kinds of material. Maybe go to a fashion magazine and have a look at a few articles on clothing. You don’t need to read it all thoroughly. Just scan through the texts and see what words or expressions you’ve seen before. See if you can remember their meanings. Or pick up a vocabulary book and go to the “Clothes” section. Have a look at the list and do the same. Or check out the video I posted a while back on the Ohlalafrench website. It stages a French girl singing a song listing lots of different items of clothing. Great exercise to practice oral comprehension. How many words can you make out? Can you spell them? Do you know what they mean? Explore… If you’ve see those words before but have forgotten the meaning, go grab that vocabulary book you’d seen them in and refresh your memory. 

Then you have more traditional ways to memorize the language. You can do flash cards for example. Yes, it may feel like you’re back at school, but isn’t it fun to be learning. Plus, when you know that your cells start dying before you even get your first wrinkles, you may wanna keep up that brain activity whenever you can!  Let’s have a look at a few new words today: 

LE CERVEAU = The brain

MÉMORISER = To Memorize

APPRENDRE = To learn

SE RAFRAÎCHIR LA MÉMOIRE = to refresh one’s memory

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