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To learn French, it’s always a good idea to try different media. Watch French videos, read in French, write in French, listen to French music, take classes etc. So here’s a list of websites to learn to speak French in a variety of way. We’re also including a couple of links to companies who have been our partners in the video production process. All are French friendly!

Edu Inter French School

Learn French with Edu Inter School Quebec CityEdu-Inter aims to provide the highest quality French courses with outstanding cultural activities in the city of Quebec, Canada. We offer French immersion programs for teenagers, adults, and teachers. We offer a truly outstanding French immersion experience by combining communicative teaching methodology with a broad range of cultural and entertaining activities in Quebec, cradle of the French civilization in North America and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Logo-Lost-in-FrenchlationLost in Frenchlation

Lost in Frenchlation brings the best of French cinema to the international community in Paris. We host screenings of French films with English subtitles at independent cinemas, each with a convivial cocktail hour before the movie for catching up with friends. Private screenings available upon request.


FrantastiquePicIf you’d like to learn French the fun way and are already using the Oh La La material, then you’ll probably like another French learning website we’ve partnered with: Frantastique. It uses cartoon characters such as Victor Hugo and a couple of Martians or weird-looking dudes to take you one a very productive linguistic journey. The daily lessons are directly sent into your inbox and are based on a comic strip or an animated video. The characters speak very real everyday French and after watching or reading each document daily, you get to work on your vocabulary and grammar. The “dessert du jour” even offers you some extra material in French to learn more about the culture. Frantastique offers you a free 7-day trial that I highly recommend.

The Speaking Agency

Speaking Agency Teaching Childcare jobsJust like OhLaLaISpeakFrench, the Speaking Agency facilitates exchanges between the English and French speaking worlds. The Agency is specialized in finding English speaking nannies and private teachers for families/students based in France. Immersion being the best way to learn any language, I thought this opportunity could interest some of you guys. You can apply and have your job interview via skype before you actually move to France so that you can have a job waiting for you when you get there! To apply: MORE HERE

French a la carte lessons

French à La Carte

Whether in Paris for a short stay, or as an expat building a new life in France, French à la Carte provide personalized private French lessons to match your needs, learning abilities, schedule, and location. At French à la Carte, we believe that learning a new language should be an engaging, rewarding, and life-changing experience. If you’d like to immerse yourself in Parisian life French à la Carte also offers themed tours. Learn French while experiencing the daily life of a Parisian, just for a few hours! Fashion, gastronomy, walks in picturesque Paris: make the most of your stay and try our off the beaten track program.

Alliance Française de Puerto Rico

The Alliance Française of Puerto Rico is a non profit organization that aims at promoting the French language and culture, and encourage cultural diversity. It is also a school that welcomes over 1,000 students yearly.

Le Point du FLE

le point du fleLe Point du FLE is a website directory whose objective is to facilite the access to the best Free ressources to learn French online. Interactive grammar, autocorrective exercises, simulations… To work in a classroom setting, or alone at home. 


MosaLingua French vocabulary AppMosaLingua is a mobile application which helps memorize loads of French vocabulary and key phrases very rapidly. Its effective method is conceived for people wanting to learn French or improve it without spending too much time. MosaLingua is available for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (smartphone and tablets) and Amazon Kindle Fire. Just download it to start enriching your vocabulary now!

Free French Lessons Online 

PascalAll the lessons on this website are FREE, you can click on the link you want so as to learn French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Lessons for beginners and for advanced learners. Great Tools for Schools, primary schools and colleges. Free French lessons online with audio files. You will find dictionaries, translators, conjugators. Again All is FREE! Click on the language you want to learn.

French TogetherFrench Together 

This is a great blog to learn French in an unconventional, fun way. You will find a list of funny French expressions, videos by top French comedians, but also a very useful list of French words you should be very careful not to use when traveling in a France!! It’s fun, it’s light and entertaining, a great way to learn! 

AnaisMoods drawing, French artist


Anaïs is an L.A. based French artist. Idea girl, chocolate lover, creator of ANAISMOODS, she is an epicurean who loves to make people smile, dances in her kitchen and sings sometimes off key. Her drawings are insightful little gems!


Learn French Lab

Video & Audio Lessons, Printable Flashcards, Grammar Help, Pronunciation Guide, Basic phrases for beginners. Great resources created by a native French teacher.

Language Comics

Language Comics - Learn French Are you already familiar with basic French and looking for ways to expand your learning? By reading our fun short stories, you will considerably add to your vocabulary and build an ongoing and entertaining relationship with the French language.

Feng Shui in French Feng Shui

Based in San Diego, California, Nathalie Amkraut is a French nativer speaker and a healer who offers private healing sessions, Feng Shui and space clearingservices, also using therapeutic essential oils. Nathalie is fluent in French, English and Hebrew and offers sessions in all three languages. Nathalie: ” I find that it is significantly more effective to perform EFT in our native language. There is a stronger energy to the words, the energy of the words, and the nuances. And we own what we say so much more in the language we are the most familiar with or attached to.”

French Morning

FrenchMorningTV_logo1French Morning is a production partner of “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!”. It is also the No.1 online magazine for French speakers in American. It has recently launched an English edition for English speakers interested in French culture. 


Omniglot is the online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages. It includes a French language section with some grammar.


EVS Rentals

EVs Video Sales Rentals Studios, Glendale

Since opening their doors over 2 decades ago, EVS has been supplying the creative and professional filmmakers industry with the tools needed for production. If you are looking for a supplier to offer real world production knowledge to your purchasing and rentals decision making, look no further, there is a difference in EVS! They offer 3 ways to shop with us, online, on the phone or in the creative atmosphere of our retail store. Regardless of your budget, big or small, and take exceptional care of all of their clientele. EVS is a production partner of “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!”.

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