French reflexive verbs

French reflexive verbs

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Learn about French Epiphany & Reflexive Verbs


How’s the world been treating you this year so far? Well I hope! Here’s for the bad news…

I know staying fit or losing weight is in most of your lists of new resolutions, but I regret to inform you that an upcoming event is gonna challenge that one really hard. If you’re in France you may already know what I’m talking about since yesterday was the official date to celebrate the Epiphany, l’Epiphanie.

What is the Epiphany? It’s a Christian holiday that is actually on January 6th. But people work on that day, it’s not a holiday as such, and therefore, in order to make sure people could gather with friends and family and stuff their faces in, the official day of celebrations has been moved to the second Sunday after Christmas. The Epiphany celebrates the day the Three Wise Men, LES TROIS ROIS MAGES brought presents to little Jesus, LE PETIT JESUS. The religious aspect of the day tends to be forgotten though, and I dare say the celebrations are almost exclusively motivated by pure greed and the love for social gatherings! Because on that day, we eat the famous GALETTE DES ROIS (Twelfth Night Cake), and we often open a good bottle of MOUSSEUX (Sparkling wine) or CHAMPAGNE. ON SE GOINFRE, ET ON EST HEUREUX! We stuff our faces in and we are happy! BYE BYE LES NOUVELLES RESOLUTIONS!

How to conjugate a French reflexive verb

By the way, SE GOINFRER means to stuff one’s face. It’s a pronominal verb, here’s its conjugation:

JE ME GOINFRE: I stuff my face

TU TE GOINFRES: you stuff your face

IL/ELLE/ON SE GOINFRE: He/She stuffs his/her face or We stuff our faces

NOUS NOUS GOINFRONS: We stuff our faces

VOUS VOUS GOINFREZ: you stuff your face(s)

ILS/ELLES SE GOINFRENT: they stuff their faces.

Now, going back to LA GALETTE DES ROIS…

There are 2 kinds of Galettes des Rois. I’ll start with the one we traditionally eat in the South of France: LE ROYAUME. It’s like a sweet bread, UNE BRIOCHE, with bits of preserved fruit and sugar on top. Here’s a picture. And in the northern part of France, we eat LA GALETTE À LA FRANGIPANE. La frangipane is a delicious almond based filling, placed inside a very buttery cake. Lots of calories, MIAM MIAM! There it is.

Is your mouth watering? Good! More on that tomorrow guys… Until then, stay happy and slim!


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