French Video Blog, January 2nd, les bonnes résolutions

French Video Blog, January 2nd, les bonnes résolutions

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Talk about New Year’s Resolutions in French, in the future


Comment ça va? That’s it, has the alcohol gone out of your system? Great! Let’s be a bit serious for a second and focus on those New Year’s resolutions: LES RÉSOLUTIONS DE LA NOUVELLE ANNÉE. It’s gonna be a great for us to review, or learn, the future tense in French! I’ll list a few examples of the most common resolutions French people make. All verbs are conjugated in the future tense so try to notice the pattern!

  • J’arrêterai de fumer  (I will stop smoking)
  • Je perdrai du poids. (I will lose weight)
  • Je ne grignoterai plus entre les repas. (I will stop nibbling in between meals.)
  • Je ferai du sport, beaucoup de sport. (I will exercise, a lot!)
  • Je ne remettrai plus à demain ce que je peux faire le jour même. (I will no longer procrastinate)
  • Je gagnerai beaucoup plus d’argent. (I will earn more money, a lot more.)
  • Je lirai au moins un livre par semaine, histoire de ne pas mourir trop con. (I will read at least a book a week, just so that I don’t die a dumb ass.)
  • Je ne regarderai plus de télé réalité. Les Chtis, c’est fini! (I will no longer watch reality tv. The Chtis (famous reality tv show) is over!
  • Je boirai moins d’alcool. (I will drink less alcohol.)

And last but not least… That one is just for you, my favorite French learners. 

  • JE PARLERAI FRANÇAIS COURAMMENT. (I will speak French fluently)

So, as you may have noticed, all the French verbs I’ve just used are in the future tense, LE FUTUR SIMPLE. How do you form it? You take the infinitive form of the verb, and you add the endings: -AI, -AS, -A, -ONS, -EZ, -ONT. A little trick to remember those endings: they are very similar to the French verb AVOIR.  Oh, and when you have an –RE ending verb, drop the E and add the future endings. 

There are some irregular verbs though. Those, you’ll just have to memorize guys. For a list of those little rascals, just click HERE and  you will be redirected to the blog on the future tense that’s on the Ohlalafrench website. Technology can be so sexy… sometimes!

That was today’s dose of Frenchness, I’ll talk to you guys on Monday to explain to you why new year’s resolutions are absolutely pointless! BON WEEK-END LES AMIS! Stay happy and fat. And leave that pack of cigarettes alone, damn it!

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