French Vocabulary App, Mosalingua

French Vocabulary App, Mosalingua

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MosaLingua French vocabulary AppFrench vocabulary mosalingua App



Learn about Mosalingua to learn French vocabulary

We all know how tedious memorizing lists of vocabulary can be, and how crucial too, when learning a foreign language! Words and expressions are what first allow you to communicate with people – the grammar can wait!

I came across a fun vocabulary app the other day that I thought you may like to check out. It’s called MOSALINGUA and offers a variety of languages to choose from – French being one of them. It’s a really good alternative to having to go through lists of words memorized from books or jotted down on bits of paper.

French vocabulary mosalingua AppThe App organizes the vocabulary according to various themes (Eating, Shopping, Tourism…) and includes a system of flash cards to help you do the work.

And no slacking there! Whenever it’s time for you to review the words you started memorizing, you get a reminder! Until the words finally sink into your long term memory. Yes, that’s how it all works!

The App conscientiously tracks your progress too, and guides you through a unique learning experience. Dialogs are also included with or without French or English subtitles, so that you can test your growing understanding of the language.

Sounds like something you might like! You can get more information and download the Mosalingua app now! 

French vocabulary Mosalingua app

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