Bidule, bilingual French English Book for Kids

Bidule, bilingual French English Book for Kids

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Bidule, children book bilingual


If you have only recently started to learn French but already want to push yourself further by tackling French books, bilingual publications could be a good option! In particular children books! Saint Exupéry’s famous “Little Prince” (LE PETIT PRINCE) is actually pretty hard to read and is therefore not an option for beginners or intermediate learners. Well, I happen to have a perfect alternative for you guys: MOI, BIDULE!

French dictionary LAROUSSE, defines “bidule” as: “Chose dont on ne sait pas exactement le nom ou qu’on ne tient pas à préciser davantage” (a thing that we can’t really give a name to or that we don’t really want to specify). In other word, “bidule” is a “thingy”. This is the cold definition of that simple word.

super bidule baguette children books bilingualBut in Anaïs Godard and Anne-Gaëlle Huon’s fantasy world, BIDULE is an adorable little monster, pretty sad and lonely though, and desperately searching for human warmth and friendship. The problem is that he’s not too sexy, in fact, he’s pretty bad-looking, which, in today’s world is a huge challenge when trying to make friends.  So, our poor Bidule is sad, and being sad makes him incredibly hungry. Until one day, he decides to eat colors…. 

MOI, BIDULE was written by Anaïs and Anne-Gaëlle and illustrated by Anaïs ( Here’s what Anaïs, one of these two very creative and talented French girls, has to say about BIDULE…

”    Quand j’étais petite, j’étais moins grande que les enfants de mon âge, j’avais de grosses lunettes et une imagination débordante. Les autres me trouvaient bizarre. Mais je croyais au pouvoir de l’imagination. J’y ai tellement cru qu’un jour Bidule s’est manifesté sous la mine de mon crayon et m’a demandé qu’on fasse passer son message ensemble. Un message d’amour, d’amitié et de tolérance qu’Anne-Gaelle m’a rejoint pour raconter.  J’espère que Bidule pourra apprendre une ou deux choses utiles aux enfants sur l’acceptation de sois et dee autres, et je souhaite à mon petit bonhomme coloré une longue vie remplie d’amour, de joie et d’aventures monstrueusement drôles. “

”  When I was little, I was shorter than other kids, I had big glasses and I was weird. I didn’t really fit in. But I had a friend who showed me it was cool to be strange and to believe in the power of imagination. And then one day, Bidule manifested himself under my pencil, and asked me if we could spread his message together. A message of love, friendship, and tolerance that Anne-Gaelle joined me to tell.  I hope Bidule will teach one or two useful things to kids about self-love and acceptance of others. I wish my little colorful guy a long life filled with love, joy and monstrously funny adventures.”

Two Readers on a Park Bench Bidule

Little boy and his mother sitting on a park bench reading books

When the message is good and the writing can take you one step further to mastering the French language, I can only encourage you to give it a go! Alors, bonne lecture!!!!

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