Better Late than Never in French

Better Late than Never in French

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Learn French expression: Mieux vaut tard que jamaisMieux vaut tard que jamais

– SoSo: Ah, Lili, enfin! Tu es très en retard, tu sais!

– Lili: Ah bon? Il est quelle heure?

– SoSo: Il est quatorze heures trente. Tu as trente minutes de retard.

– Ne fais pas la tête. Mieux vaut tard que jamais…

Better Late Than Never

– Soso: Ah, Lili, finally! You’re very late, you know!

– Lili: Oh really? What time is it?

– SoSo: It’s 2:30pm. You’re 30 minutes late.

– Lili: Don’t sulk. Better late than never…

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