French Lesson 11: Parler de sa famille (Talk about family)

French Lesson 11: Parler de sa famille (Talk about family)

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With French lesson 11 of “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!”, keep working on your French listening comprehension skills and learn how to talk about family in French.

Webisode 11 focuses on the “family” and teaches all French words and expressions related to the family. It also includes the use of French possessive adjectives (mostly “my” and “your” familiar). French listening comprehension practice ideal for French beginners and intermediate learners. Useful French words and expressions with some grammar. Fun video to practice talking about one’s family in French. 

Story: SoSo and Lili relax at home and start sharing childhood memories. What a wacky childhood Lili had! Check it out!

For best results, Get your French workbook including the French & English transcripts of the show along with some guidelines that will help you make the most of these videos!

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