French homophones

French homophones

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Learn French Homophones and enrich your vocabulary

For French learners, “les homonymes”, homophones are trouble-makers! They are words that sound the same but have a different meaning and spelling. Confusing? As you slowly enlarge your vocabulary, you’ll see that they won’t be that much of a problem . The context will often give you the meaning of the word, and you’ll grow to recognize the spelling more and more easily as you get familiar with the language.

Here are a few examples of homonyms:

  • Et (and) / Il/Elle est (He/She is)/ Tu es (You are) /  une haie (a hedge) / Je/Tu hais (I/You hate)
  • Un mur (a wall) / une mûre (a blackberry) / mur (ripe)
  • Un coup (a hit) / un cou (a neck)
  • Le ver (the worm) / vert (green) / vers (towards) / le verre (the glass)

french homonyms

Why don’t you play around with a few homonyms yourself?!! Make sure you get the spelling right! 

1. L’Eau (water) / ___________ (high)

2. La Faim (hunger) / La _________ (end)

3. Laid (ugly) / Le ___________ (the milk)

4. Ses (his/her) / Il __________ (He knows) / _________ (It is)

Answers: 1. haut / 2. fin / 3. lait / 4. sait/c’est

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  1. Vine Vend
    Vine Vend 25 December, 2021, 09:58

    homo = same
    nym = name
    homonym = a word with the same name, i.e. the same spelling, as another but with a different meaning (and possibly pronunciation), e.g. The wind is blowing. I wind the toy.

    phone = sound
    homophone = a word with the same sound, i.e. pronunciation, as another but with a different spelling, e.g. Le verre vert.

  2. Vine Vend
    Vine Vend 25 December, 2021, 10:09

    Slight correction to previous comment: homonym implies both same spelling and same sound, the concept of nym (name) being identity.
    Wind in my example is technically a homograph since it’s spelled the same, whereas “The bat flies” and “The bat hit the ball and made it fly” are homonyms.

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