Learn French in Quebec City

Learn French in Quebec City

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Study French with Edu Inter School

(Video created in partnership with Edu Inter French School)


Salut tout le monde !

What’s the best way to learn French ? I get that question a lot ! My answer ? Take lessons AND go to a French speaking country. You can’t go to France because you live too far ? Try finding a French boyfriend or girlfriend where you live. Cheap ! But, if you want to avoid any possible heartache, let’s find a French speaking country that’s closer to you. Where can you go ? If you live on the American continent, I have a good option for you.

Check out that map ! (SEE MAP OF US/CANADA)

Canada, yes! In the province of Quebec, everybody speaks French. And you see, it’s super close to the US ! In Montreal, the people also speak English. But in Quebec City, the capital of that province, it’s French only.

La Ville de Quebec (Quebec City)

So let’s zoom into LA VILLE DE QUEBEC. First of all, it’s the only fortified city in North America. Architecturally you already have a strong stamp of the European culture right there. (SEE SELECTION OF PICTURES IN THE VIDEO) Quebec looks a lot like a French city, with cute cobblestoned streets, several historical buildings, little stores where you can go in just to interact with people. And, fun fact… Do you know the movie « Catch me if you can » with sexy Leo Di Caprio ? Well, in that film, Quebec City with its Place Royale actually stands in for France.

Next, LES QUEBECOIS, just like the French, have a strong food culture that we associate with LA CONVIVIALITÉ. The word itself means friendliness, warmth. You can eat, drink, and of course speak French. Personally, give me food, wine and good company and I’ll start talking in whatever language you want me to… Ah, memories… I remember speaking Polish a long time ago…

Activités Québécoises (Quebec Activities)

Back to food ! L’UNE DES SPECIALITES QUEBECOISES, C’EST LA POUTINE. In February, during Poutine Week, yes guys, there’s a Poutine Week, you can go from one restaurant to another, and let’s say, if there’s 4 of you, you can share UNE POUTINE in each restaurant. Fun, isn’t it ? 

In winter, you also can experience a new level of CONVIVIALITÉ with LE CARNAVAL. Party atmospheres are great to feel free to talk to strangers in a foreign language. Just be willing to join the fun ! Leave your shyness at home and speak away! Relax ! Get loose ! Go nuts !

What ? You’re one of those people who feel they’ve got to suffer to learn ? Ok, fine. Suffer away. You can do that too in Quebec. You can sweat trying to speak French and exercise at the same time. Have you heard of canooing on ice ? LE CANOT À GLACE EST UNE ACTIVITÉ TYPIQUEMENT QUÉBÉCOISE ! Holiday on ice! Perfect opportunity to express your frustration in French ! Well, yeah… if your foot gets stuck in the ice and you’re slowing down your whole team of local athletes, you’ll have to speak French ! No choice ! AU SECOURS, AIDEZ-MOI. Too painful ? Try LE SKI DE FOND then. That’s actually a great way to discover the amazing sceneries that you can find just outside Quebec. Go with a bunch of French speakers though. No English allowed if you wanna improve your French. That’s your end goal, right ?

That’s why I also highly recommend that you take classes while in Quebec City. Activities alone won’t be enough. It’s good to have a structure. When I was 19, I spent 3 weeks in San Diego, studying English in a private school in the morning, and hanging out with foreign students in the afternoon. I spoke hardly any French for 3 weeks. Best formula ever ! My English got so much better ! Plus I picked up an American boyfriend at Seaworld, at the Baywatch show… A hottie !

Les Cours de Français d’Edu Inter (Edu Inter’s French Courses)

Ok, you’re motivated now ? Ready for Quebec ? Let me suggest a school that offers French lessons and fun group activities, and that will keep you focused. This school is Edu Inter and it is located at walking distance from the historical center of Quebec. You may choose to live on Campus while you’re there, or to live with UNE FAMILLE QUÉBÉCOISE. The second option is always better since you get to share the daily life of a family. Kind of cool. Total linguistic immersion. But if you decide to stay on campus, you’ll still get to interact with DES ÉTUDIANTS QUÉBÉCOIS ET INTERNATIONAUX EN FRANÇAIS. The environment is 100% French speaking. The school offers top quality classes with all kinds of programs to suit your needs : standard, intensive… You choose. If you like the idea of this school, just visit their website (https://learningfrenchinquebec.com/), and feel free to contact EDU-INTER directly for further details.

I hope this has been helpful. Bon Voyage. Send me postcards ok !


Learn French in Quebec with Edu Inter

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