French Lesson 6: Bonne Nuit! (Goodnight!)

French Lesson 6: Bonne Nuit! (Goodnight!)

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Learn French -ER ending verbs. French lesson 6 of includes the use of a few -ER ending verbs in the present tense, in the imperative and in the immediate past.

French webisode 6 from “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!” focuses on the use of French -ER ending verbs conjugated in the present tense, in the imperative and in the immediate past tense too. Learn how to conjugate those verbs by getting used to hearing them. This French listening comprehension practice is ideal for French beginners and intermediate learners. Basic French dialog including simple French words and expressions. Learn how to have a simple conversation in French.

Story: Pablo has fallen asleep, the girls chat a little until Lili has a mischievous idea…

And for best results, don’t forget to get the workbook including the French transcript of the show along with some guidelines that will help you make the most of these videos!

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