French Lesson 7: Il est trop tôt! (It’s too early!)

French Lesson 7: Il est trop tôt! (It’s too early!)

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LEARN HOW TO SAY & GIVE THE TIME IN FRENCH. French lesson 7 is all about that clock ticking! Learn how to ask for and give the time in French. and see a few examples of different times.

Webisode 7 is for French beginners and intermediate learners to keep working on their French listening comprehension skills. This time the focus is on learning how to say and give the time in French. Review French numbers as you practice hearing and giving the time. Learn specific French expressions related to the time (how to say “I’m late” in French for example). 

Story: SoSo is an early bird – or maybe she’s still jet lagged! But Lili and Pablo are definitely not morning persons…

For best results, Get your French workbook including the French transcript of the show along with some guidelines that will help you make the most of these videos!

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