French Video Blog, Jan 13th, on sales in France

French Video Blog, Jan 13th, on sales in France

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Learn when French stores have sales


J’espère que vous allez bien et que votre français s’améliore !

I’ve been talking to you guys about where to go shopping. Now, I thought you might like to know when to go shopping. The answer is: during the sales! You’ll save money!

You may be thinking, can’t we find sales all year round? Well, in America, yes, but in France no. Over there, “les soldes” are a well-regulated matter. Winter sales actually started last Wednesday, so now is time to fly to Paris to spend your money! But first, let me tell you more about those regulations.

The government actually sets the rules! Winter sales start on the second Wednesday of the month of January at 8am.Very specific! This date is moved to the first Wednesday of the month of January whenever the second Wednesday takes place after the 12th of the month. Special dispensations may apply though in some areas of France located near French borders. It all gets a bit mathematical, I agree, but basically, just remember that the French get to start the year with a cheaper shopping therapy opportunity and who knows, you may wanna join the fun!

If you don’t join the January fun, then you’ve gotta wait till the summer sales that start on the last Wednesday of the month of June at 8am; this date is moved forward to the Wednesday before last in June when that last Wednesday takes place after the 28th of the month.

Seasonal sales (les soldes saisonniers) last 5 weeks in winter and 5 weeks in summer. Each business may also offer 2 additional weeks of sales (les soldes flottants, literally the folating sales) any time during the year, and also sales aimed at reducing their stocks. Those two weeks do not have to follow each other, but they do need to end at least one month before the beginning of the official seasonal sales.

The lesson here is: get organized if you wanna save money! Organisez-vous et vous économiserez de l’argent!

Here’s some useful vocabulary related to sales for now :

CET ARTICLE EST EN SOLDE?: Is this item on sale?

C’EST HORS DE PRIX: It’s overpriced

C’EST TROP CHER: it’s too expensive

C’EST BON MARCHÉ: it’s cheap

IL Y A UNE RÉDUCTION DE 10%: there’s a 10% discount

Il Y A 10% DE RÉDUCTION SUR CET ARTICLE: there’s a 10% discount on that item


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