French Video Blog, Jan 15th, on luxury stores in Paris

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French Expression: Avancer à pas de fourmis

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Faire un travail de fourmi.  Lili: Qu’est-ce qui t’arrive Soso? Soso: J’en ai marre. Ce travail est tellement délicat!  Lili: Tu fais un travail de fourmi. Courage!   To do a painstaking job. Lili: What’s happening to you Soso? Soso: I’ve

French Learning Video Blog, Feb 12th, on swear word “putain”

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French learning video, fun lesson that teaches how to use French swear word “putain” and its derivatives.

French Lesson 3: La Tour de Babel (The Tower of Babel)

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OH LA LA HOLLYWOOD SPEAKS FRENCH! – EP3 FRENCH LISTENING COMPREHENSION PRACTICE 3 With webisode 3 of  French learning web series “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!”, you will learn how to say where someone is from, and indicate nationality

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