French Video Blog, Jan 16th, on how to learn French

French Video Blog, Jan 16th, on how to learn French

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Tips on learning to speak French


I have a question for you guys. How many of you have tried to learn French before and gave up after a while? If you’ve never given up, great! But I a lot of people do feel discouraged at some point because they don’t have time, the language is too hard, learning requires too much work etc, etc. So today, I’d like to give you a few tips on how to keep going no matter what!

First, you need to know why you’re learning French. Maybe you just know that the man or woman of your life is French and you haven’t met him or her yet simply because you’ve never been to France and can’t speak the language yet! Or maybe you just need to speak French for work. Whatever your reason is, make sure you keep it in mind at all times. Write it down somewhere you can see it regularly, if you like, that might help you stay focused.

Second, find a class you enjoy, that you can go to or can follow online. In order to learn a foreign language, you must be able to practice speaking it as often as possible, even if at the beginning you’ll speak a very basic and broken French. By speaking it regularly, you’ll develop automatisms in the language, and you’ll build on those. Obviously, try and find a learning environment that you love. If going to class becomes a drag, don’t go, find another option.

Which leads me onto my next point. MO-TI-VA-TION! LA MOTIVATION EST CLÉ! (Motivation is key!) So sneaky that one! It comes and goes. A lot of the time it has to do with the fact that we set our goals too high. I’ve met a lot of people who told me, I really wanna be fluent in French; I’ll really motivated. And a few weeks or months down the line, after they’ve seen how much time and work that requires, well, they give up. Guys, let me tell you one thing. Learning a language requires a lot of effort, that’s just the way it is! Don’t expect to be fluent within a year of taking lessons – well, you may if you live in a French speaking country and take classes regularly. Otherwise, it’s a long term process, so be patient! I know what it is to be impatient, trust me! But you gotta be realistic about how much French you can learn. Set yourself little weekly goals and have a little celebration whenever you reach those goals. Find people to communicate with regularly in the language. Feel free to use the Ohlalafrench facebook page to find native French speakers who will happily exchange French speaking sessions against English speaking sessions. Click right here to visit that page now! Then you can also listen to French music, watch French movies, check out French tv programs. And of course travel to France to get some real practice and discover the culture. Be curious and talkative. Jump in, have fun, fall, get back up! Discover how grumpy and sweet the French can be. We’re a latin people, emotions tend to rule, often raw and unfiltered…

ALORS, you’re ready to do it, go all the way without even thinking about giving up? Good for you!

Here are my three words of the day:

LA MOTIVATION – motivation

GROGNON – Grumpy

GENTIL – Sweet (as applied to people)

That’ it for now guys, enjoy your weekend and I’ll talk to you on Monday! À LUNDI!

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