French Video Blog, Jan 20th, on talking about the weather in French

French Video Blog, Jan 20th, on talking about the weather in French

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IL FAIT QUEL TEMPS AUJOURD’HUI? – What’s the weather like today ?

Ah the weather… Thankfully we got the weather to talk about whenever we can’t find anything else to say. Great topic when you wanna improve your proficiency in a foreign language. Plus, with global warming , LE RÉCHAUFFEMENT DE LA PLANETE, not getting any better, the weather should remain a hot “small talk” topic for a long time!

Anyway, let’s just start with simple remarks that might help you get a conversation going. You can talk to anybody about the weather, anywhere too. Little stores like the baker’s, the grocer’s… They’re fabulous for that! If you’re in Paris, you may wanna start the conversation with:



Which basically means: it’s such bad weather today, you wouldn’t put a dog outside. You could also say in a more colloquial, less polite way, in a familiar environment only: IL FAIT UN TEMPS DE MERDE! (The weather’s shit!).

To comment on the temperature, you have:

IL FAIT UN FROID DE CANARD: it’s a duck-like cold. In other words, it’s freezing cold.

And if it’s raining:

IL TOMBE DES CORDES: it’s raining cats and dogs.

Or C’EST PÉNIBLE CETTE PLUIE! (This rain is a pain!)

Or if you’ve really had it with the rain:

J’EN AI MARRE DE CE TEMPS DE MERDE ! (I’ve had it with this shitty weather !)

If you’re in the South of France, you’ll probably get the chance to say:

QUEL TEMPS MAGNIFIQUE IL FAIT AUJOURD’HUI! (What great weather it is today!)

Or just IL FAIT BEAU! C’EST GENIAL! (The weather’s beautiful! It’s great!)

Of course you can also use the more common expressions: IL FAIT MAUVAIS (the weather’s bad), IL FAIT FROID (It’s cold.) But you can find all of those on the ohlalafrench website. Just click HERE to check it out.

VOILÀ, C’EST TOUT POUR AUJOURD’HUI! I’ll see you guys tomorrow to go over another hot « small talk » topic. Oh là là!

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