French Video Blog, Jan 22nd, on talking about others

French Video Blog, Jan 22nd, on talking about others

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Today, let’s be very French indeed. What do we, Frenchies, love to do? Apart from eating and drinking and having sex… We love to sit at a café, order a drink, and check out people walking by. Great topic of conversation! Even the chairs are laid out to make it easier for us to do that, look! We do love to comment on the way people walk, dress, on the way they look in general. We can be pretty critical sometimes, but occasionally contemplative too! At least that’s what I like to think of it, otherwise how can you walk past a café without feeling dreadfully self-conscious.

So why don’t you try that? Not the walking past a café part. The commenting on people part! After all, don’t you want to experience French culture to the fullest. There it is! So find a French friend somehow, pick a café, and just go for it. Here are the words and expressions you can play around with. This kind of small talk usually happens in a familiar context, so that’s the level of speech I’m using here.

J’AIME CE QU’IL/ELLE PORTE: I like what he/she is wearing

IL/ELLE EST TRÈS À LA MODE/TENDANCE: he/she is very trendy

IL/ELLE EST HABILLÉ(E) COMME UN AS DE PIQUE: He/She is dressed like nothing

IL/ELLE EST CLASSE: he/she is classy

IL/ELLE A DE LA CLASSE/DU STYLE: he/she has class/style

IL/ELLE A UNE DRÔLE D’ALLURE: he/she has a weird look

J’ADORE SON CHAPEAU/MANTEAU/PANTALON/HAUT: I love his/her hat/coat/pants/top

J’AIME BEAUCOUP SA CHEMISE/VESTE/JUPE/ROBE: I love his/her shirt/jacket/her skirt/dress

QU’EST-CE QUE C’EST MOCHE CE QU’IL/ELLE PORTE: How ugly what he/she is wearing is!

TU TROUVES? MOI, J’AIME BIEN.: you think so? I like it.

Ok, stop looking at me like that. Time to say goodbye! Talk to you guys tomorrow!


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