French Video Blog, Jan 23rd, on home dinners

French Video Blog, Jan 23rd, on home dinners

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How was your weekend guys? I went for dinner to a friend’s place and that made me think that I should really talk to you about how we, Frenchies, often socialize. We actually love inviting each other for a home-made dinner. We cook, we drink, we laugh, we relax… All that in the comfort of someone’s cozy home. I miss not having that here, in America. I mean, it’s great to go out to the restaurant, but it’s just not quite the same. So when you go to France, find a way to get invited!

Now, let’s assume you’re invited. Please don’t arrive empty handed! That would be a bit rude. Bring a bottle of wine, UNE BOUTEILLE DE VIN, a bunch of flowers, UN BOUQUET DE FLEURS, or a dessert, UN DESSERT. I guess that’s part of what we call LES BONNES MANIÈRES, good manners.

By the way, if you’re in Paris, don’t expect to be eating before 9pm. Crazy late for you? Deal with it! But no, seriously… Get a little snack to keep you going. The invitation may be for around 8pm, for what we call L’APÉRITIF. In web series “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!”, webisodes 3, 4 and 5 give you an example of what UN APÉRITIF is: drinks, nibbles and giggles. Sometimes people will just meet for the APÉRITIF, and go back home to eat later. That’s pretty common too. I’m from the South of France, and over there, in the summer, we love to drink LE PASTIS, or more familiarly LA PASTAGA, an anise-based spirit.

Anyway, going back to our home-made dinner, you’ll usually have a 3 course meal that will last forever! It is not uncommon for people to stay at their friends’ place till the early hours of the morning, 1 am or 2am. It all depends on how much fun – and wine – you’re having! Of course, if your French is not too good and nobody at the table speaks English, you may plan on an excuse to leave early. Do not fall asleep at the table! Try to just keep drinking, that may help! And each time you’re invited at someone’s home, build on your endurance, stay a bit longer each time. You’ll see, your level of French may improve pretty drastically. Start cooking too so that you can eventually return the invitations and keep this beautiful friendly habits going.

That’s it, I’ve said it all so… BON WEEK-END À TOUS ET À LUNDI!

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