French Video Blog, Jan 28, on swear word “merde”

French Video Blog, Jan 28, on swear word “merde”

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Learn how to swear in French using MERDE

Hey guys!

I was just thinking that I’ve been teaching you very proper French for the most part so far. How about we go a bit funky today and learn some bad ass words. Well, just swear words. Let’s do it!

Which bad French words do you guys know? You may have heard MERDE before. It means sHIT! It’s actually the first word you learn when watching my web series “Oh la la, Hollywood Speaks French!”. But there are lots of delightful derivatives to the word MERDE!

MERDIQUE means SHITTY! You could also say “DE MERDE” to translate shitty. Let me give you an example, all French slang by the way here: IL EST MERDIQUE CET ORDI, SERIEUX! 

Or QUELLE IDEE DE MERDE! What a shitty idea !

Then we have another derivative : MERDEUX. UN MERDEUX is a little shit. We use that word especially to talk about young kids who are absolutely horrible little creatures or grumpy teens who actually think they know it all. If you’re a teen watching, don’t take it personally. I guess we’re all a bit of a MERDEUX at one time or another, right?! Here’s an example on how to use MERDEUX… You could very well exclaim… QUEL MERDEUX CELUI-LA! What little shit he is!

And by the way, I ought to mention that the English expression “Man, it’s the shit!” doesn’t translate too well. If you say C’EST LA MERDE! In French, it means it’s a total mess! And not it’s great! Always good to know.

Anyway, if you’d like to know more about French merde, you may want to check out the comic novel that was written a few years ago by Stephen Clarke and that talks about cultural differences between the French and the British, who else… The title of the book is: A YEAR IN THE MERDE! An guess what… of course there was a sequel published: MERDE ACTUALLY. And then a third book: MERDE HAPPENS. And then a fourth: DIAL M FOR MERDE! Someone got inspired…

A bit too much for me now. Let’s leave it at that. I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


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  1. ardnasmoo
    ardnasmoo 30 January, 2015, 07:11

    Bonjour, et merci pour la vidéo. Personne d’autre ne nous apprend à cette expression ! J’ai une question. Est-ce que «un merdeux» toujours masculin ? Ou, peut-être, est-ce que c’est possible d’être une «merdeuse» ?

  2. admin
    admin 30 January, 2015, 14:39

    Bonne question! Pour une fille, on dira “merdeuse”!

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