French Video Blog, January 6th, on the Epiphany

French Video Blog, January 6th, on the Epiphany

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Learn about a French tradition: LA GALETTE DES ROIS


AUJOURD’HUI, C’EST L’ÉPIPHANIE! The day we eat LA GALETTE DES ROIS in France. Yesterday I left you drooling with envy because of those two pictures of LE ROYAUME and LA GALETTE À LA FRANGIPANE. Well, stop drooling guys! ON ARRÊTE DE BAVER, S’IL VOUS PLAÎT. Instead, let’s focus on enriching your vocabulary some more.

• AVOIR L’EAU A LA BOUCHE: to have one’s mouth water

• BAVER D’ENVIE: to drool with envy.

I do want to cheer the Three Wise Men though. VIVE LES ROIS MAGES! Grace à eux, aujourd’hui on va pouvoir se gaver et avoir le gosier bien arrosé. More useful vocab here. Write it down if you wanna remember it.

Now, what I haven’t told you yet and that is part of the traditional excitement of the day, is how we eat LA GALETTE DES ROIS. Yes, there is a little ritual to follow.

Whether you’re eating LE ROYAUME (literally the kingdom) or LA GALETTE A LA FRANGIPANE, you gotta watch out not to break a tooth, because inside the cake, the baker has hidden a little object.

This little object was originally a broad bean, UNE FÈVE, and that’s still what we call it today, LA FÈVE. But then it was replaced by a coin, UNE PIÈCE, and now, most of the time, we hide a little token or character made of plastic or porcelain in the traditional cake. And whoever is given the piece of cake that has LA FÈVE in it, becomes king or queen.

So, let me tell you how it works. People sit around the table to eat the GALETTE. The youngest person at the table, usually a kid, hides under the table or turn his or her back to the table, and says to whom each piece of cake should go. An innocent hand for a fair game… Whoever gets the FÈVE gets a beautiful paper crown, UNE COURONNE, that he or she starts wearing right way. And there’s also another tradition that says that whoever gets the FÈVE needs to buy the next GALETTE. Great way to keep stuffing our faces for the whole month of January. LE RÉGIME ATTENDRA. Diet will wait. C’EST TROP BON!

Wanna try it? Maybe look for a French pastry shop in your neighborhood. They should have it. If not, find a recipe online and try to make it. Sorry, I would have shown you how to actually make it, but I have a very bad tendency to burn things when I play around in the kitchen. So, you’re on your own with that one guys! BONNE CHANCE!

SUR CE, BON APPÉTIT A TOUS! And if you’d like to read up about LA GALETTE DES ROIS, visit the ohlalafrench website or just click HERE. The link will take you just where you wanna go… C’EST MAGIQUE!


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