French Video Blog, January 8th, on food

French Video Blog, January 8th, on food

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Learn French food vocabulary & Practice it with a fun game


Yesterday we talked about eating healthy, well, today I’d like to stay on food, LA NOURRITURE, and give you some more vocabulary related to that. I’ll include slang words that are commonly used in France, and in the second part of this video, you can practice the new words you’ve learned thanks to a little guessing game. All EN FRANÇAIS, S’IL VOUS PLAÎT!



BOIRE – to drink

TRINQUER – to cheer

UNE BOISSON – a beverage

BOIRE – to drink

BOIRE UN COUP – to have a drink

SE METTRE A TABLE – to sit down a the table

À TABLE! – come to the table

METTRE LE COUVERT/LA TABLE – to set the table

LES COUVERTS – the cutlery

UN REPAS – a meal

Ok, that’s enough for now. Let’s start the little guessing games, LES DEVINETTES, directly related to the vocabulary I’ve just given you:

• On crie ces mots quand le diner est prêt.

• C’est ce qu’on fait quand on a soif.

• S’asseoir pour manger.

• Ce mot est l’équivalent du mot “manger” en argot.

• Ce que l’on fait quand on dit “Tchin, tchin” ou bien “santé”.

If you guys need to play this first part of the video again, feel free. When you’re ready, continue watching this video to check your answers.

• ON CRIE CES MOTS QUAND LE DINER EST PRÊT means “one shouts those words when dinner is ready”. And the correct answer is: À TABLE!

• C’EST CE QU’ON FAIT QUAND ON A SOIF: that’s what one does when one is thirsty. And the correct answer is… BOIRE

• S’ASSEOIR POUR MANGER – to sit down to eat. In other words: SE METTRE A TABLE

• CE MOT EST L’ÉQUIVALENT DU MOT “MANGER” EN ARGOT: this word is the slang equivalent of the word “to eat”. That is BOUFFER

• CE QUE L’ON FAIT QUAND ON DIT “TCHIN TCHIN” OR “SANTÉ” – What one does when one says “Cheers”. The correct answer is TRINQUER!

Good work guys! Now you may go pamper yourself with a nice good meal or snack! APRÈS L’EFFORT, LE RÉCONFORT.

TCHAO guys!

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