Learn French vocabulary: Words with Arabic Origins

Learn French vocabulary: Words with Arabic Origins

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Learn a few French words that comes from Arabic

France is a cosmopolitan country, languages are alive, and people travel! Nothing new so far. But are you aware that the French use quite a few words of Arabic origins? Here are a few for you to memorize as they happen to be widely used. and it will enrich your French vocabulary! Please note that this list is far from being exhaustive and is limited to familiar expressions that are commonly used in everyday French.

Learn French vocabulary: Souk

Le souk = Arab market

la baraka = luck (Il a la baraka, c’est incroyable! = He’s lucky, it’s incredible)

le bazar = the mess (C’est le bazar ici! = It’s a mess here)

bésef = a lot (Y a pas bésef dans ce sac. = There’s not much in this bag.)

un chouïa = a little bit (Le couscous est un chouïa trop épicé. = The couscous is slightly too spicy.)

le fennec = a kind of coyote from Algeria (Ça pue le fennec ici! = It stinks here!)

inch allah = god willing (Inch allah il va faire beau aujourd’hui! = Hopefully it will be sunny today!)

Learn French words of Arabic origins: Smalakif kif = same thing

(C’est kif kif = C’est la même chose = It’s the same)

maboul = crazy

(T’es maboul ou quoi?! = Are you crazy or what?!)

le souk = the mess 

(C’est le bazar ici! = It’s a mess here!)  

la smala = group of family

(Il vient avec toute la smala. = He’s coming with all his family.)


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