Learn French with web series “Osmosis”

Learn French with web series “Osmosis”

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French web series Osmosis

“N’ayez plus peur d’aimer!” : “Don’t be afraid to love!”

No, I didn’t just wake up this morning and felt compelled to deliver this metaphysical message to you. “N’ayez pus peur d’aimer” is the motto of yet another great French web series, OSMOSIS, that I thought could be really helpful to you guys wanting to improve your level of French. I highly recommend this psychological thriller to advanced French learners in particular since there are no subtitles and the story is pretty intricate at times. Having said that, this 10 x 7min show, produced by Anne Santa Maria with Arte Creative, will catch your attention from the get go and is definitely worth checking out!

French web series OsmosisOsmosis is the name of a new app created in 2019 and based on innovating algorithms that guarantee you to find your soulmate. It sounds like it could save most of us a lot of problems right? The results are 100% successful so a lot of people have registered and wear a helmet that allows the application to access your whole brain, its memories, its intellectual and emotional functions. You see where the trouble starts… Yes, we’re quite a big step ahead of Facebook! This web series tackles the very modern theme of people’s relationship with machines, and it does so in a very original way: via our dearest need for love. When Thomas Melville, the creator of Osmosis, tells everybody that they can find their soulmate thanks to his application, he touches men and women’s most vulnerable aspect: matters of the heart. 

The series tells the story of Thomas Melville, his brother Paul and his girlfriend Elsa. The plot develop very fast and intensely so don’t be surprised if you catch yourself watching one episode after the other. You’re in for a ride… Enjoy!

Watch episode 1 (synopsis and list of vocabulary available below to help you)

Résumé du 1er épisode: 

Paul Melville vit avec sa fiancée, Elsa, rencontrée grâce au site de rencontre en ligne Osmosis, créé par son frère Thomas. Ce site repose sur un algorithme permettant de trouver l’âme sœur à coup sûr. Mais Paul s’interroge. Et si ce « matching » n’était qu’artificiel ? Surtout, Paul a toujours en mémoire son premier amour, Elisabeth, rencontrée par hasard, disparue il y a quatre ans sans laisser de nouvelles… (Paul Melville lives with his fiancee, Elsa, whom he met thanks to the online dating site Osmosis that his brother Thomas has created. This site relies on an algorithm guaranteeing to find one’s soulmate. But Paul has doubts. What if that “matching” was only artificial? In particular, Paul still remembers his first love, Elisabeth, met by chance, who disappeared four years and never gave any news again…)

Here’s a bit of vocabulary to help you understand some of the dialog:

le créateur: the creator

French websérie Osmosis
un utilisateur:
a user

la formule mathématique: the mathematical formula

le coup de foudre: love at first sight

décevoir: to disappoint

prévoir: to plan/foresee

un outil: a tool

gagner du temps: to gain time

malheureux: unhappy

s’inscrire: to register

une âme soeur: a soulmate 

tomber amoureux: to fall in love

J’espère que vous aimerez!! Bonne série…

Soraya Garré French actress producer


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