Oh La La, learning French for business rocks!

Oh La La, learning French for business rocks!

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Article by Anabela Barros ( http://www.nacelesl.co.uk/)

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So, you’re looking to impress the boss, show up your colleagues just a little or give yourself a heads up when submitting a resume for that sought after position. Well, there are certainly lots of steps you can take, but learning a new language just might top the list.

Learning languages provides positive impacts on every aspect of life. In particular, there are many benefits to be found in the business world. In any given career field, a lot of success comes down to developing personal relationships, and that sure is a lot easier when you can speak to and understand the other person. Learning a world language like French will ultimately help you in, well, just about any field. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits that come from learning French as a business professional.

1. French is a World Language.

Learning French opens doors, and that’s important when the day comes where you need to step away from the computer and meet some people in the ‘real’ world. It allows you to essentially increase the amount of people who you can effectively communicate with across the globe. This is because more than 200 million people speak French – that’s a lot of people! Not only will you be able to communicate with these people in their native languages, but you will also be able to communicate with people that speak other languages as well. This is because French is a widely adopted second language in many countries. In fact, French is the second most widely learned foreign language after English, meaning there are a lot of people out there familiar with more than just bonjour and merci.

2. Speaking French Increases Your Job Prospects.

When you’re handing out resumes, it is sure is helpful to have something on paper that helps you to stand out. Having the ability to speak popular languages such as French and English will give you a significant advantage in the international job market. With our current global economy, businesses in every country are searching for individuals who can communicate with their clients and network with other business professionals in their native tongue. If you’re able to do that, your resume automatically moves to the top of the pile, and you become a hot commodity who gains attention and respect. Because France is a key financial partner to many other countries, there is and will always be a demand for French speakers.

3. Learn French and Increase Your Salary.

If your goal is to circumnavigate the globe on your days off, spending plenty of time lounging on the beach, you’re going to need to make some cash at your ‘day job’. French might just be the ticket you’re searching for when it comes to boosting your bank account. Having this impressive second language on your resume gives you power to ask for more in terms of salary. Many businesses also offer premiums above the offered salary for individuals with second and third language skills. Basically, the more languages you can speak, the larger your upcoming paycheck will likely be.

4. French and Globalization.

After English and German, French is the 3rd most widely used language on the Internet. If you possess the skills and abilities to understand and communicate in French, you will not only be able to hold an alternative view of the world, but you will also have more opportunities and skills to bring to the table in terms of globalization.

5. Learning French Makes Learning Spanish Easier.

Another significant benefit of learning a language like French is that it is so closely related to other popular and widely spoken languages. Spanish is a great example. French and Spanish both belong to the same family of Latin derived Romance languages, and those who are fluent in both report many similarities in terms of grammar and vocabulary. Learning French makes it a lot easier to learn Spanish which will also increase your skills and your value as a business professional.

As you can see, there are many significant benefits that come from learning foreign languages like French. By doing so, you will not only be able to communicate at a native level with millions of people, but you will also be able to increase your skills and value, opening doors across the business arena.

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Now that you’re totally motivated to learn business French, click HERE and check out the “Oh La La, I Speak French!” video that teaches you how to set up a business meeting – among other things! 

About the Author

Anabela Barros is a professional who runs nacel London, a popular language immersion program offering students opportunities to live abroad and learn English as a second language. To learn more about these exciting programs, visit  http://nacelesl.co.uk.

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