Paris, Un Jour De…

Paris, Un Jour De…

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As you already know if you’ve been learning French for a little while now, it’s always good to find various different ways to explore both the French language and culture. That’s why I thought you could be interested in a web series entitled “Paris, Un Jour de…” (Paris, a day of…”). Created and directed by French actress Baya Rehaz, who also stars in the show, “Paris, Un Jour de…” offers delightful insights into the daily life of Sonia, a Parisian girl in her thirties. It is fresh and fun and pretty representative of how people her age live like in the “most beautiful city in the world”.

Linguistically speaking, it is of course interesting because the dialog uses very colloquial and contemporary words and expressions. If you want to learn the way French people (Parisians in particular) really speak, this show is perfect! It includes slang words that they never teach you at school (of course!), swear words too, and words in verlan (click HERE to know more about verlan and informal speech in general). It is totally politically incorrect and therefore in the line of what we like here at “Oh La La, I Speak French!”. Enjoy… 

Here’s the Episode 1 of Season 1

PARIS, un jour d’anniversaire S1- EP01 par Parisunjourde

Résumé: Trois copines organisent l’anniversaire d’une d’entre elles, Sonia, et prétendent que c’est une surprise. Elles collectent aussi de l’argent pour le cadeau d’anniversaire. Et parmi les invités, elles incluent finalement l’ex petit-ami de Sonia. Lorsque celui-ci essaie de l’embrasser, Sonia le repousse, mais ne peut empêcher quelques larmes de couler…

(Summary: Three girlfriends organize the birthday party of one of them, Sonia, and pretend it’s a surprise party. They collect money for the birthday present too. And among the guests, they end up including Sonia’s ex-boyfriend. When the latter tries to kiss her, Sonia pushes him away, but she can’t stop herself from crying a little…)

Here’s some of the vocabulary used (the list is not exhaustive):

un anniversaire: a birthday

faire un bisou: to give a kiss

aïe: ouch

Elle va arriver.: She’s going to arrive

Il faut que je rentre dans mon short.: I have to fit in my shorts

bouffer: to eat (slang)

N’en fais pas trop, la tenue c’est déjà beaucoup: Don’t push it too much, the outfit is already a lot.

Franprix: name of cheap supermarkets spread all over Paris.

se frotter: to rub oneself

J’élimine: I’m burning calories.

Tu bois quoi là?: What are you drinking?

Qu’est-ce que tu fous là toi? (slang): What are you doing here?

On s’en fout (slang): We don’t care 

 regretter: to regret

Je peux y aller.: I can leave.

Ça fait super plaisir. (slang): It makes me super happy.

la cagnotte: the kitty

un cadeau: a gift

ému(e): moved

Je dois y aller.: I have to go.

Il a voulu m’embrasser: He tried to kiss me.

une bombasse: a hot girl


Paris, un jour de déception – S02 EP01 par Parisunjourde

Bon français à tous!


Soraya Garre, French actress

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