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French for Advanced Beginners (Lesson 10)

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FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS LESSON 10: PASSE COMPOSE, QUESTIONS, TIME PHRASES LESSON 10: Passé Composé with “Avoir” / Asking Questions in the Past / Form Sentences in the Past Using Specific Time Expressions This is lesson 10 of “Oh La La,

French for Advanced Beginners Lesson 9

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LESSON 9: Slang Vocabulary & Listening Comprehension / French Levels of Speech / Listening Comprehension & “Il Faut”  This is lesson 9 of the French for Advanced Beginners course. In this video, you will first learn some French slang (curse

French for Advanced Beginners Lesson 8

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LESSON 8: How to Set up a Business Meeting in French / Listening Comprehension & Vocabulary on “Setting a Date” / Conjugate of “Devoir” in the Present This is lesson 8 of the French for Advanced Beginners Course. You will

French for Beginners Lesson 6

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In Lesson 6 of the Oh La La I Speak French course for beginners, learn new French vocabulary, indefinite articles, and how to conjugate the verb “Avoir” along with some “avoir” expressions. 6.1 New French words for beginners Lesson 6.1

French for Beginners: -ER verbs in the present

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FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS 5: -er verbs & prepositions of countries 5.1 Conjugate -ER ending Verbs French for beginners course, lesson 5.1: learn how to conjugate all -ER ending verbs. 5.2 Basic French Vocabulary & Listening Comprehension French for Beginners Course, Lesson

French for Beginners: Definite Articles & Nouns

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FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS LESSON 4 LEARN FRENCH DEFINITE ARTICLES, THE GENDER & PLURAL OF NOUNS 4.1 Learn French Definite Articles French for beginners course, lesson 4.1: learn everything needed about French definite articles. Know how to translate the English THE into


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Lesson 3: ÊTRE & Adjectives of Nationality 3.1 Conjugate “ÊTRE” in the indicative present Learn how to conjugate the French helping verb Être in the present tense.   3.2 ÊTRE in the negative form (indicative present) French for Beginners Lesson