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French for Beginners Lesson 3.2 on the negative of Être

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FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS: LESSON 3.2 Conjugate ÊTRE in the negative form, in the present French for Beginners Lesson 3.2: learn how to form the negative of French helping verb Être in the present tense using NE or N’ and PAS.


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As seen in a previous blog, the PASSÉ COMPOSÉ (or compound past) is the most common past tense used to mention events that took place in the past.  In most cases, verbs conjugated in the passé composé are going to follow this

CONJUGAISON DU VERBE “ÊTRE” (Conjugation of the verb “To Be”)

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HOW TO CONJUGATE FRENCH VERB “ÊTRE” Conjugaison du verbe ÊTRE (To Be) Watch this video on how to conjugate the French verb “être” in the present tense and practice what you’ve learned using the exercise sheet below. EXERCISES ON THE