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Better Late than Never in French

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“BETTER LATE THAN NEVER” IN FRENCH Mieux vaut tard que jamais – SoSo: Ah, Lili, enfin! Tu es très en retard, tu sais! – Lili: Ah bon? Il est quelle heure? – SoSo: Il est quatorze heures trente. Tu as trente

Learn French Expression: Faire un Travail de Fourmi

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Faire un travail de fourmi. Lili: Qu’est-ce qui t’arrive SoSo? Pourquoi tu fais la tête? Soso: Je ne fais pas la tête. Je commence juste à fatiguer… Ça fait des heures que je fais ce puzzle. Mais j’ai bientôt fini! Lili: Wouah! Impressionnant! Tu

Oh La La, learning French for business rocks!

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Anabela Barros, from Nacelesl, lists the benefits of learning the French language for business. Includes link to lessons to learn business French.

Introductory Video

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Presentation of French learning website “Oh La La, I Speak French!”: free French lessons for all, with full courses to learn French available on the Curious.com website and allowing to go from a beginner’s level in French, to an intermediate one. Web series “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!” also featured here.

French Expression: L’Amour Rend Aveugle

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L’Amour rend aveugle Soso: Je l’adore. Il est beau, intelligent… Lili: Coléreux, égoïste… Soso: Non, il est très généreux! Lili: L’amour rend aveugle. Love is blind Soso: I adore him. He’s handsome, intelligent… Lili: Prone to anger, selfish… Soso: No, he’s very

La machine à apprendre des sous-doués

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Using film to learn French is always a great idea! My favorite kind of movies to use… comedies of course! Here’s an extract from an old French movie, a comedy and a classic of French cinema entitled “Les Sous-Doués Passent


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Bad pun? Maybe. Interesting question? I think so… Is Halloween winning in France? Apparently Halloween originated thousands of years ago among the Celts. At that time, people celebrated the passage into the new year, the new season. Growing up in France,