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Learn French expression: avoir du pain sur la planche

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Avoir du pain sur la planche. Soso: Oh là là! Je dois écrire, puis faire du sport, puis aller au bureau, et après… Lili: Dis-donc Soso! Tu as du pain sur la planche aujourd’hui! Soso: Ah oui! Lili: Eh bien

Learn French, Lesson 30: Trinquons

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OH LA LA, SPEAK FRENCH – PARIS STYLE! – EP30 FRENCH LISTENING COMPREHENSION PRACTICE 30 CHEERS! “Oh La La, Speak French – Paris Style!” (Season 2 of “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!) is ideal for intermediate and advanced French

FRENCH LESSON No.6 – Oh La La, I’m Hungry!

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Lesson to learn French words and expressions related to food. Learn how to order at a restaurant.