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French expression: La Culture, C’est Comme la Confiture…

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La culture, c’est comme la confiture, moins on en a, plus on l’étale. Lili: J’adore la place Vendôme à Paris! Soso: Normal, elle est magnifique.  Tu sais, on doit l’architecture de la place à Jules Hardouin Mansard. Et puis la

Learn French, lesson 19: L’argot français (French slang)

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OH LA LA HOLLYWOOD SPEAKS FRENCH! – EP19 FRENCH LISTENING COMPREHENSION PRACTICE 19 FRENCH SLANG & SWEAR WORDS. With French lesson 19 of “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!”, learn a bit of French slang. Careful, swear words included! Webisode 19

Shopping in Paris

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WHERE TO SHOP IN PARIS PARISIAN HANGOUTS FOR FASHIONISTAS Shopping in Paris is not what it used to be, some will say… It is a fact that with globalization, the French “Je ne sais quoi” now hides behind a variety


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THE PASSÉ COMPOSÉ WITH AVOIR HOW TO CONJUGATE “LE PASSÉ COMPOSÉ W/ AVOIR” The PASSÉ COMPOSÉ (or compound past) is the most common past tense used to mention events that took place in the past (narrative mode for those of


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THE FRENCH PAST PARTICIPLE HOW TO FORM THE PAST PARTICIPLE OF A FRENCH VERB What is the past participle of a verb? In English, it is the “-ed” form of a verb (he has walked/talked/written etc.). In French, it takes different

La Galette Des Rois

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LA GALETTE DES ROIS (click here for the recipe in French) Have you ever dreamt of being a king or a queen? Now’s your chance! You have from the end of December until about mid-January to make your dream come

French Christmas

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FRENCH CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS Vous voulez tout savoir sur les fêtes de Noël en France? Alors placez le bon mot au bon endroit! (You want to know everything about Christmas celebrations in France? Then plug in the right word in the right place!)  naissance (birth) /

How to learn the French language

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HOW TO LEARN FRENCH A Few Tips on How to Learn the French Language A lot of people contact me to learn French and they’re usually very excited about it. So why is it that a few months down the


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REASONS TO LEARN FRENCH? Here are 8 good reasons to start studying the French language and stick with this exciting resolution!!! 1. Pour pouvoir communiquer avec des millions de nouvelles personnes (to be able to communicate with millions of new people) 2.


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  PLURAL OF WORDS ENDING WITH “-OU” In general, the plural of words ending with -ou is very simple: you just add an -s. Example: un bisou – des bisous (a kiss – kisses) BUT… of course there’s a but,


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Plural form of French words ending with ‘-al’ & ‘-ail’. Do you guys know any words ending with –al? I’m sure you’ve heard of “le festival” or “le carnaval” or maybe even “le journal”. You’ve also learned that, to form the


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  LEARN FRENCH VOCABULARY WITH SYNONYMS Time to enrich your French vocabulary! When you learn a new word or expression, it is always a good idea to explore it a little bit, to try to find out if it has


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Bad pun? Maybe. Interesting question? I think so… Is Halloween winning in France? Apparently Halloween originated thousands of years ago among the Celts. At that time, people celebrated the passage into the new year, the new season. Growing up in France,

FRENCH LESSON No.1 – Oh La La, I Sound French!

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FRENCH FOR TRAVELERS – LESSON 1 “OH LA LA, I SOUND FRENCH!” FRENCH PRONUNCIATION & ALPHABET. Learn how to make French sounds, how to read French. Also work on the French alphabet. French learning Webisode 1 on French pronunciation, including the

FRENCH LESSON No.2 – Oh La La, My First French Words.

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FRENCH FOR TRAVELERS – LESSON 2 “OH LA LA, MY FIRST FRENCH WORDS!” VERY BASIC FRENCH VOCABULARY. Learn your first words in French. French learning Webisode 2 teaches some French basics. Learn your first French words and expressions and start having

FRENCH LESSON No.3 – Oh La La, I’m Making Progress!

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FRENCH FOR TRAVELERS – LESSON 3 “OH LA LA, I’M MAKING PROGRESS!” HOW TO HAVE A SIMPLE CONVERSATION. Learn useful words and expressions to start having a simple conversation in French. French learning Webisode 3 on French basics. Learn a few

FRENCH LESSON No.4 – Oh La La, I have to Pay…

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FRENCH FOR TRAVELERS – LESSON 4 “OH LA LA, I HAVE TO PAY!” HOW TO PAY FOR THINGS. Learn useful French words and expressions to pay for things in French. Includes French numbers. French learning Webisode 4 on numbers and how

FRENCH LESSON No.9 – Oh La La, I’m Getting Around!

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French video to learn French: French words and expressions to know how to buy a train or a plane ticket in France, and how to give and understand directions in French.

French Possessive Adjectives

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FRENCH POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES (Adjectifs Possessifs) Watch this fun video to learn how to use French possessive adjectives and then practice what you’ve learned & do the exercise sheet below! Enjoy… EXERCISES TO PRACTICE USING POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES (free Pdf) LESSON ON FRENCH POSSESSIVE


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HOW TO FLIRT IN FRENCH FLIRTING = LA DRAGUE Watch this video lesson on how to flirt in French and then practice with the exercise sheet below. This is a fun French lesson to enrich your vocabulary and learn useful

CONJUGAISON DU VERBE “AVOIR” (Conjugation of the verb “To have”)

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HOW TO CONJUGATE “AVOIR” CONJUGAISON DU VERBE “AVOIR” (TO HAVE) Watch this video on the French verb ‘Avoir’ and practice what you’ve learned using the exercise sheet below. EXERCISES ON THE VERB AVOIR (Pdf) In this French lesson video, learn how


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HOW TO CONJUGATE FRENCH VERB “ALLER” LEARN FRENCH VERB “ALLER” IN THE PRESENT Watch this French video lesson and learn how to conjugate the verb Aller in the present tense. Then you can practice what you’ve learned using the exercise sheet


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What, you got lazy and didn’t send any Christmas cards this year? Good news! You still have time to grab pens and papers and start showering your friends with beautiful greetings. The French actually send out greeting cards the whole