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French for Advanced Beginners Lesson 4

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LESSON 4: French Possessive Adjectives “Notre, Votre, Leur” / Form Complex Sentences / Vocabulary & Listening Comprehension / Disjunctive Pronouns This is the 4th lesson of the “Oh La La, My French’s Getting Better” series for advanced beginners. This video

French for advanced beginners Lesson 1

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LESSON 1: POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES & ADJECTIVE AGREEMENT This is the first video of the French for Beginners Course, level 2. This lesson focuses on family vocabulary, French possessive adjectives, and adjectives agreement in French. You will learn more French grammar,

Talking about family in French

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OH LA LA HOLLYWOOD SPEAKS FRENCH! – EP11 FRENCH LISTENING COMPREHENSION PRACTICE 11 With French lesson 11 of “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!”, keep working on your French listening comprehension skills and learn how to talk about family in