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Vouloir, Pouvoir, Devoir

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COUCOU! Ready to conjugate some verbs ? Yeah ! You may have already realized that the number of irregular verbs in French is pretty high, unfortunately. In the present of the indicative alone, there are a bunch of irregular verbs. Here are

Spelling-Change Verbs in the Present

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SPELLING-CHANGE VERBS Learn French Spelling-Change Verbs in the Present Welcome to this lesson on what we call « spelling-change verbs ». These are verbs that have slight irregularities in their conjugations in the present tense. They are not totally irregular, but the

French for Beginners Lesson 3.2 on the negative of Être

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FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS: LESSON 3.2 Conjugate ÊTRE in the negative form, in the present French for Beginners Lesson 3.2: learn how to form the negative of French helping verb Être in the present tense using NE or N’ and PAS.