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French for Advanced Beginners Lesson 9

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LESSON 9: Slang Vocabulary & Listening Comprehension / French Levels of Speech / Listening Comprehension & “Il Faut”  This is lesson 9 of the French for Advanced Beginners course. In this video, you will first learn some French slang (curse

COVID-19 French Vocabulary

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SALUT ! COMMENT ÇA VA ?  It’s been a while, I know. There’s been a lot going on lately. But one good thing about the current situation is that I’m spending quite a bit of time at home , probably like you

Nice French Slang Vocabulary

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NICE FRENCH SLANG Learn Nice French Slang Vocabulary SALUT TOUT LE MONDE! One of you guys requested that I do a video on nice slang words. So I’ve tried to do just that and I’ve gathered a list of familiar

What is French slang LE VERLAN

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LEARN FRENCH SLANG “LE VERLAN” Speak French backward: learn le VERLAN FRENCH VOCABULARY: LEARN FRENCH SLANG “LE VERLAN” Hi guys ! LE VERLAN OR HOW TO SPEAK FRENCH BACKWARDS Today I thought I’d teach you some fun French slang called LE

French Slang to Express Anger

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LEARN FRENCH SLANG & EXPRESS ANGER How to speak like an angry French person! Transcript of the video SALUT TOUT LE MONDE ! COMMENT ÇA VA ? BIEN ? MOYEN ? ÇA VA PAS DU TOUT ?! If you’re feeling angry or frustrated, this is the

Learn French vocabulary: Words with Arabic Origins

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FRENCH WORDS WITH ARABIC ORIGINS Learn a few French words that comes from Arabic France is a cosmopolitan country, languages are alive, and people travel! Nothing new so far. But are you aware that the French use quite a few

Learn French familiar phrases

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FRENCH FAMILIAR PHRASES FRENCH SLANG VOCABULARY Things to tell a friend who’s talking… oh well, let’s say it… out of his/her butt!!!    Tu délires! /Tu dérailles! = You’re tripping Tu déconnes! = You’re kidding T’as bu un coup (ou quoi)?


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FRENCH SLANG  PROPER FRENCH WORDS & SLANG VERSION You may already have noticed, especially if you’ve spent some time in France, that some French words can have a double meaning depending on the level of language they’re used in. Those

Learn French, lesson 19: L’argot français (French slang)

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OH LA LA HOLLYWOOD SPEAKS FRENCH! – EP19 FRENCH LISTENING COMPREHENSION PRACTICE 19 FRENCH SLANG & SWEAR WORDS. With French lesson 19 of “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!”, learn a bit of French slang. Careful, swear words included! Webisode 19