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French expression: le temps c’est de l’argent

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Le temps, c’est de l’argent. Lili: Pourquoi tu te dépêches tout le temps, Soso? Soso: Parce que le temps, c’est de l’argent ma chère Lili! Lili: Ah bon. Pas pour moi… Time is money Lili: Why are you always in

Learn French expression: loin des yeux, loin du coeur

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Loin des yeux, loin du coeur.  Elle: Ne pars pas, reviens! Lui: Ne t’inquiète pas, tu m’oublieras vite. Loin des yeux, loin du coeur. Elle: Tu n’as vraiment rien compris Out of sight, out of mind. She: Don’t go, come

French Expression: le monde appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt

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  Le monde appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt  Soso: Lili, on va être en retard! Lili: En retard pour quoi? Soso: Rien de spécial, mais tu connais le dicton… Le monde appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt!

French Expression: la vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid

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 La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid.   Soso: Cet homme a fait une grave erreur. Il m’a trompée! Lili: Qu’est-ce que tu comptes faire… Soso: Je vais prendre le temps de réfléchir, et puis je me vengerai.

French expression: La Culture, C’est Comme la Confiture…

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La culture, c’est comme la confiture, moins on en a, plus on l’étale. Lili: J’adore la place Vendôme à Paris! Soso: Normal, elle est magnifique.  Tu sais, on doit l’architecture de la place à Jules Hardouin Mansard. Et puis la

French Expression: l’argent coule à flots

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L’argent coule à flots.  Lili: Pablo vient d’acheter une voiture neuve, un VTT et il va louer un super appart à Paris. Soso: Eh ben! L’argent coule à flots on dirait… Lili: Oui, il n’arrête pas d’acheter des trucs! There’s

Introductory Video

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Presentation of French learning website “Oh La La, I Speak French!”: free French lessons for all, with full courses to learn French available on the Curious.com website and allowing to go from a beginner’s level in French, to an intermediate one. Web series “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!” also featured here.

French Expression: Il ne Faut pas se Fier aux Apparences

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Learn French expression “il ne faut pas mettre la charrue avant les boeufs” and know how to use it.

French Video Blog, Jan 20th, on talking about the weather in French

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TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER IN FRENCH COUCOU! IL FAIT QUEL TEMPS AUJOURD’HUI? – What’s the weather like today ? Ah the weather… Thankfully we got the weather to talk about whenever we can’t find anything else to say. Great topic when

French Expression: L’Amour Rend Aveugle

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L’Amour rend aveugle Soso: Je l’adore. Il est beau, intelligent… Lili: Coléreux, égoïste… Soso: Non, il est très généreux! Lili: L’amour rend aveugle. Love is blind Soso: I adore him. He’s handsome, intelligent… Lili: Prone to anger, selfish… Soso: No, he’s very

Learn French vocabulary: Words with Arabic Origins

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FRENCH WORDS WITH ARABIC ORIGINS Learn a few French words that comes from Arabic France is a cosmopolitan country, languages are alive, and people travel! Nothing new so far. But are you aware that the French use quite a few


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FRENCH SLANG  PROPER FRENCH WORDS & SLANG VERSION You may already have noticed, especially if you’ve spent some time in France, that some French words can have a double meaning depending on the level of language they’re used in. Those

French Expression: Avoir du pain sur la planche

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Avoir du pain sur la planche.  Soso: Oh là là! Je dois écrire, puis faire du sport, puis aller au bureau, et après… Lili: Dis-donc Soso! Tu as du pain sur la planche aujourd’hui! Soso: Ah oui! Lili: Et bien

French Expression, Avoir l’esprit ailleurs

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  Avoir l’esprit/la tête ailleurs. (To be distracted.)   Soso: Tu as l’esprit ailleurs, toi! Qu’est-ce qui t’arrive?   Lili: Je suis amoureuse…   Soso: Ah ma pauvre chérie, désolée!   To be distracted Soso: You’re distracted? What’s happening to

French web series to learn French, 1: Sister Love

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OH LA LA HOLLYWOOD SPEAKS FRENCH! – EP1 FRENCH LISTENING COMPREHENSION PRACTICE 1 This first webisode from web series to learn French “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!” focuses on French greetings and introductions.  With webisode 1, French learners (beginners

La Galette Des Rois

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LA GALETTE DES ROIS (click here for the recipe in French) Have you ever dreamt of being a king or a queen? Now’s your chance! You have from the end of December until about mid-January to make your dream come

French Christmas Celebrations

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HOW THE FRENCH CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS Vous voulez tout savoir sur les fêtes de Noël en France? Alors placez le bon mot au bon endroit! (You want to know everything about Christmas celebrations in France? Then plug in the right word in the right place!)  naissance

French homophones

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LEARN FRENCH HOMOPHONES Learn French Homophones and enrich your vocabulary For French learners, “les homonymes”, homophones are trouble-makers! They are words that sound the same but have a different meaning and spelling. Confusing? As you slowly enlarge your vocabulary, you’ll

How to learn the French language

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HOW TO LEARN FRENCH A Few Tips on How to Learn the French Language A lot of people contact me to learn French and they’re usually very excited about it. So why is it that a few months down the

Skiing in France

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ON SKIING AND THE FONDUE SAVOYARDE You obviously know that the French love to eat, but did you know that they love to ski too? Here’s a top  recipe for  cold winter days in France: a tasty “Raclette Savoyarde” combined


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LE PLURIEL DES NOMS EN -OU PLURAL OF WORDS ENDING WITH “-OU” In general, the plural of words ending with -ou is very simple: you just add an -s. Example: un bisou – des bisous (a kiss – kisses) BUT…


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Plural form of French words ending with ‘-al’ & ‘-ail’. Do you guys know any words ending with –al? I’m sure you’ve heard of “le festival” or “le carnaval” or maybe even “le journal”. You’ve also learned that, to form the


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ANTONYMS LEARN FRENCH ANTONYMS Enrich your French vocabulary using antonyms Antonyms: a great way to memorize French vocabulary One major task when learning a foreign language is to keep enriching one’s vocabulary. The traditional method is to learn list of words


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  LEARN FRENCH VOCABULARY WITH SYNONYMS Time to enrich your French vocabulary! When you learn a new word or expression, it is always a good idea to explore it a little bit, to try to find out if it has