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Direct Object Pronouns

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Pronoms d’objet direct: me, te, le, la, l’, nous, vous, les Learn what direct object pronouns are with this French video lesson, and practice using them. BONJOUR ! J’ESPÈRE QUE VOUS ÊTES EN FORME. Because today, we’re going to work on

French for Advanced Beginners Lesson 8

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LESSON 8: How to Set up a Business Meeting in French / Listening Comprehension & Vocabulary on “Setting a Date” / Conjugate of “Devoir” in the Present This is lesson 8 of the French for Advanced Beginners Course. You will

French for Advanced Beginners Lesson 7

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LESSON 7: Vocabulary & Listening Comprehension / Conjugate “Aller” in the Present / The Nearby Future or “Futur Proche” / Ordinal Numbers This is lesson 7 of the Oh La La, I Speak French course for advanced beginners. Lots of

French for Advanced Beginners Lesson 6

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French for Beginners, lesson 6 on: Vocabulary & Listening Comprehension on Animals / Plural of -al Ending Words / Conjugate “Prendre” in the Present Tense / “Prendre” Expressions This is lesson 6 of the Oh La La French course for

French for Advanced Beginners Lesson 5

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LESSON 5: Alternate use of “Être” & “Avoir” / From Adjectives to Adverbs / How to Express Wants & Desires This is lesson 5 of the French for Advanced Beginners Course, “Oh La La, My French’s Getting Better”. Practice using

French for Advanced Beginners Lesson 4

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LESSON 4: French Possessive Adjectives “Notre, Votre, Leur” / Form Complex Sentences / Vocabulary & Listening Comprehension / Disjunctive Pronouns This is the 4th lesson of the “Oh La La, My French’s Getting Better” series for advanced beginners. This video

French for Advanced Beginners Lesson 3

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Lesson 3: Beginners lesson on: The imperative in French, and reflexive verbs In this French video lesson for advanced beginners, learn how to conjugate verbs in the present of the imperative in French (learn the command form). Also practice using

French for Advanced Beginners Lesson 2

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Lesson 2 for beginners: learn to conjugate POUVOIR and VOULOIR This is the 2nd lesson of your Advanced Beginners French course. You will learn the conjugation of French verbs POUVOIR and VOULOIR in the present tense and in the negative

French for advanced beginners Lesson 1

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LESSON 1: POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES & ADJECTIVE AGREEMENT This is the first video of the French for Beginners Course, level 2. This lesson focuses on family vocabulary, French possessive adjectives, and adjectives agreement in French. You will learn more French grammar,

French for beginners Lesson 10

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In lesson 10 of Oh La La I Speak French, learn to ask questions with interrogative words (où, quand, comment, pourquoi, qui…), learn to express Likes & Dislikes in French and make the difference between “c’est” and “il, elle est”.

French for Beginners Lesson 7

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In lesson 7 of the French for beginners course, improve your listening comprehension, enrich your Vocabulary, learn French numbers up to 69, how to say your Age and finally learn numbers from 70 upwards. 7.1 French Listening Comprehension & Vocabulary

Speak about “money” in French

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Learn French words and expressions related to money Salut  les amis ! First of all, Qu’est-ce qui fait tourner le monde ? Notre monde moderne, capitaliste ?  Qu’est-ce qui est au centre de tout ? QUELQUE CHOSE QUI EST UN PEU TABOO EN FRANCE…

French Pronunciation

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Proper French & Spoken French: 7 Differences Improve your French pronunciation: Learn the 7 differences between the French that you learn and the French that we speak. Coucou tout le monde ! Comment ça va ? Big scoop today : the French that

French Pronunciation: the Liaison

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THE LIAISON: IMPROVE YOUR FRENCH PRONUNCIATION Knowing how to make a liaison in French is key if you want to improve your pronunciation of the language. Watch this video if you’d like to know more and enjoy a new feature:

Difference between NOUS and ON

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French learning video that explains the difference between French personal pronouns Nous and On. Fun French lesson.

Introductory Video

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Presentation of French learning website “Oh La La, I Speak French!”: free French lessons for all, with full courses to learn French available on the Curious.com website and allowing to go from a beginner’s level in French, to an intermediate one. Web series “Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French!” also featured here.