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French pronunciation and accent

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French lesson on French pronunciation and accent.

Passé Composé & Imparfait

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Free French lesson that teaches the difference between the two past tenses in French: difference between the passé composé and the imparfait.

French Learning Video Blog, Feb 2nd, la Chandeleur

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Free French lesson online on la Chandeleur. Includes useful French words and expressions.

French Learning Video Blog, Jan 30, on the Super Bowl

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Free French lesson that tells how the French see the American Super Bowl. Includes useful French words and expressions related to sports.

Great tips to learn French

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French learning video that gives tips on how to learn how to speak French.

French Video Blog, Jan 27 on conjugation of Faire

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Free French lesson to learn how to conjugate French verb “faire” in the present tense. Include French words and expressions.

French Video Blog, Jan 26th, on high sewing and clothing

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HIGH SEWING AND CLOTHING Salut tout le monde! How’s your motivation to learn French going? Still determined I hope!  Well over the next two weeks we’re going to talk a lot about French fashion and shopping since starting this Sunday,

French Video Blog, Jan 23rd, on home dinners

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FRENCH HOME DINNERS COUCOU! How was your weekend guys? I went for dinner to a friend’s place and that made me think that I should really talk to you about how we, Frenchies, often socialize. We actually love inviting each

French Video Blog, Jan 22nd, on talking about others

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TALKING ABOUT OTHERS… SALUT! Today, let’s be very French indeed. What do we, Frenchies, love to do? Apart from eating and drinking and having sex… We love to sit at a café, order a drink, and check out people walking

French Video Blog, Jan 21st, on talking about cinema

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LET’S TALK MOVIES! Salut! J’espère que vous allez tous très bien! Today is Wednesday, MERCREDI! In France, Wednesday is “cinema day”, so let’s just talk movies! Watching French movies subtitled in English can totally help you improve your French. If

French Video Blog, Jan 20th, on talking about the weather in French

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TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER IN FRENCH COUCOU! IL FAIT QUEL TEMPS AUJOURD’HUI? – What’s the weather like today ? Ah the weather… Thankfully we got the weather to talk about whenever we can’t find anything else to say. Great topic when

French Video Blog, Jan 16th, on how to learn French

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HOW TO LEARN FRENCH Tips on learning to speak French COUCOU! I have a question for you guys. How many of you have tried to learn French before and gave up after a while? If you’ve never given up, great!

French Video Blog, Jan 15th, on luxury stores in Paris

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French Video Blog, Jan 9th, on French nominees at Golden Globes

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9 JANVIER: FRENCH NOMINEES AT THE GOLDEN GLOBES SALUT! The weekend is about to start and what is everybody talking about here in Los Angeles? The Golden Globes… So I thought I’d join in the conversation, not to cheer for

French reflexive verbs

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FRENCH REFLEXIVE VERBS Learn about French Epiphany & Reflexive Verbs COUCOU! How’s the world been treating you this year so far? Well I hope! Here’s for the bad news… I know staying fit or losing weight is in most of

French Video Blog, January 1st

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French Expression: L’Amour Rend Aveugle

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L’Amour rend aveugle Soso: Je l’adore. Il est beau, intelligent… Lili: Coléreux, égoïste… Soso: Non, il est très généreux! Lili: L’amour rend aveugle. Love is blind Soso: I adore him. He’s handsome, intelligent… Lili: Prone to anger, selfish… Soso: No, he’s very


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HOW TO CONJUGATE “METTRE”  LEARN FRENCH VERB “METTRE” & RELATED EXPRESSIONS  The French verb “METTRE” (to put/set) is a treacherous one as it can take on various meanings depending on the structure and the expression it is part of. Let’s start

Le Zapping de Canal+

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The word ZAPPER tends to be used in a familiar context when we forget something: Ex. J’ai zappé un truc. (I forgot something.) But it can also mean – and maybe you know that already – to change TV channels. 

French Expression: Il faut de tout pour faire un monde

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Il faut de tout pour faire un monde. Soso: Lili, les Américains parlent trop fort. Et puis ils mangent trop. Lili: Ben les Français sont grognons, c’est pas mieux. Soso: Oui c’est vrai… On tombe dans les clichés là, Lili. Lili:

Learn French Expression: Il n’y a pas de fumée sans feu

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Il n’y a pas de fumée sans feu.  Soso: Lili, il paraît que Filou drague Louloute. Lili: Tu sais ce qu’on dit Soso… Il n’y a pas de fumée sans feu! Soso: Il exagère quand même. There’s no smoke without fire. 

Learn French Culture: Les Névroses de Marina

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Fun web series for Advanced French Learners Wanna get a glimpse at the life of a Parisian single mom in the heart of romantic Paris while practicing your French?! Well, here’s the perfect web series for you: “Les Névroses de

Learn French Expression: Doucement mais sûrement

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Doucement mais sûrement Lili: Cet essai est difficile à écrire. J’ai plein de recherche à faire. Je n’avance pas! Soso: Mais si tu avances Lili. Doucement mais sûrement!   Slowly but surely. Lili: This essay is difficult to write. I

French Expression: Cherchez la femme

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  Cherchez la femme.  Pablo: Je ne trouve rien dans ce bureau! C’est ta faute Soso! Soso: Allez, comme d’habitude… Cherchez la femme!   To look for a woman to explain a problem. Pablo: I can’t find anything in this