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Ever heard of beaches taking over the French capital? No, the Pacific Ocean hasn’t reached Paris! Nor has the English Channel!   Instead, every summer since 2002, tons of sand are brought to the banks of the Seine river to


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“Everybody’s gone surfin’ Surfin U.S.A. “, sang the Beach Boys. How about doing something not actually experienced by everybody else? Wanna take your fancy boards to the French Atlantic Coast? Let’s do it! Let’s go to Biarritz!     Biarritz


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Plural form of French words ending with ‘-al’ & ‘-ail’. Do you guys know any words ending with –al? I’m sure you’ve heard of “le festival” or “le carnaval” or maybe even “le journal”. You’ve also learned that, to form the

Difference between Passé Composé and Imparfait

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PASSÉ COMPOSÉ & IMPARFAIT Learn when to use the Passé Composé & the Imparfait in French For those of you just starting to learn French, “Passé Composé” and “Imparfait” may still sound like pretty names of birds or of cute


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ANTONYMS LEARN FRENCH ANTONYMS Enrich your French vocabulary using antonyms Antonyms: a great way to memorize French vocabulary One major task when learning a foreign language is to keep enriching one’s vocabulary. The traditional method is to learn list of words


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  LEARN FRENCH VOCABULARY WITH SYNONYMS Time to enrich your French vocabulary! When you learn a new word or expression, it is always a good idea to explore it a little bit, to try to find out if it has


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HALLOWEEN OR HALLO…WIN IN FRANCE? Bad pun? Maybe. Interesting question? I think so… Is Halloween winning in France? Apparently Halloween originated thousands of years ago among the Celts. At that time, people celebrated the passage into the new year, the new

French Alphabet and Pronunciation Lesson

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FRENCH FOR TRAVELERS – Oh La La, I Sound French! “OH LA LA, I SOUND FRENCH!” – PRONUNCIATION & ALPHABET FRENCH PRONUNCIATION & ALPHABET. Learn how to make French sounds, how to read French. Also work on the French alphabet. French

FRENCH LESSON No.3 – Oh La La, I’m Making Progress!

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FRENCH FOR TRAVELERS – LESSON 3 “OH LA LA, I’M MAKING PROGRESS!” HOW TO HAVE A SIMPLE CONVERSATION. Learn useful words and expressions to start having a simple conversation in French. French learning Webisode 3 on French basics. Learn a few

Oh La La, I have to Pay… – French numbers

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FRENCH FOR TRAVELERS – LESSON 4 “OH LA LA, I HAVE TO PAY!” HOW TO PAY FOR THINGS. Learn useful French words and expressions to pay for things in French. Includes French numbers. French learning Webisode 4 on numbers and how

Oh La La, I’m Thirsty! – DRINKS IN FRENCH

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FRENCH FOR TRAVELERS – LESSON 5: DRINKS HOW TO ORDER DRINKS IN FRENCH. Learn French drinks vocabulary. Learn how to order drinks in French with this fun video lesson. Learn French words and expressions related to drinks and how to quench

Oh La La, I’m Hungry! – Food in French

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Lesson to learn French words and expressions related to food. Learn how to order at a restaurant.

Oh La La, I Look French! – Clothes in French

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FRENCH FOR TRAVELERS – LESSON 7 “OH LA LA, I LOOK FRENCH!” Learn Clothes & fashion vocabulary in French so that you can shop in France. French learning Webisode 7 on French clothes and fashion vocabulary. Learn French words and

Oh La La, I’m Lost! – Directions in French

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FRENCH FOR TRAVELERS – LESSON 8 “OH LA LA, I’M LOST!” Learn how to ask for and give directions in French French learning Webisode 8 on finding your way in France. Learn French words and expressions to avoid getting lost

Means of Transportation in French

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French video to learn French: French words and expressions to know how to buy a train or a plane ticket in France, and how to give and understand directions in French.

Demonstrative Adjectives

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FRENCH DEMONSTRATIVE ADJECTIVES Learn how to form demonstrative adjectives in French Watch this video on French demonstrative adjectives and then use what you’ve learned to do the exercise sheet below. Free French lesson online, to learn some grammatical basics. EXERCISES

French Possessive Adjectives

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FRENCH POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES (Adjectifs Possessifs) Watch this fun video to learn how to use French possessive adjectives and then practice what you’ve learned & do the exercise sheet below! Enjoy… EXERCISES TO PRACTICE USING POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES (free Pdf)   LESSON ON FRENCH

How to flirt in French: la drague

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HOW TO FLIRT IN FRENCH FLIRTING = LA DRAGUE Watch this video lesson on how to flirt in French and then practice with the exercise sheet below. This is a fun French lesson to enrich your vocabulary and learn useful


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CONJUGATE FRENCH -ER VERBS Learn how to conjugation -ER ending verbs in the present VERBES DU 1ER GROUPE (1st Group Verbs) Watch this fun video to learn how to conjugate French -ER ending verbs in the present tense and then

CONJUGAISON DU VERBE “AVOIR” (Conjugation of the verb “To have”)

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HOW TO CONJUGATE “AVOIR” CONJUGAISON DU VERBE “AVOIR” (TO HAVE) Watch this video on the French verb ‘Avoir’ and practice what you’ve learned using the exercise sheet below. EXERCISES ON THE VERB AVOIR (Pdf) In this French lesson video, learn how

CONJUGAISON DU VERBE “ÊTRE” (Conjugation of the verb “To Be”)

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HOW TO CONJUGATE FRENCH VERB “ÊTRE” Conjugaison du verbe ÊTRE (To Be) Watch this video on how to conjugate the French verb “être” in the present tense and practice what you’ve learned using the exercise sheet below. EXERCISES ON THE

French Verbs ending in -IR in the Present tense

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REGULAR -IR ENDING VERBS  How to conjugate regular French -Ir verbs  Learn how to conjugate regular French -ir ending verbs in the present tense. VERBES DU 2EME GROUPE (2nd group verbs) Watch this “Oh La La, I Speak French!” video


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What, you got lazy and didn’t send any Christmas cards this year? Good news! You still have time to grab pens and papers and start showering your friends with beautiful greetings. The French actually send out greeting cards the whole