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List of French TV channels / radio stations / newspapers

Watching French TV, listening to French Radio and Reading French newspapers and magazines are great ways to learn authentic French. It’s also perfect to gain some good insight on the French culture. And if you pick shows/press articles you like, it won’t even feel like you’re “working” on your French! So ‘Oh la la, I Speak French!’ has put a list of websites for you to choose from.




LogoTF1TF1  Private French channel, one of the most popular in France: 


France 2 Public national channel, also very popular:

France 3 Public channel that has some national programming but also includes regional programming. Like this if you live in the South of France, you’ll be able to catch the local news: 

Arte is an artsy/cultural Franco-German channel that broadcasts both in German and in France. If you’re a bit of an intellectual and curious about culture and the arts, this is the channel for you:

Logo_TV5_MondeTV5Monde is a French speaking channel that you can watch all over the world. Its programming changes slightly depending on which country you live in, but it includes movies, France 2 news and major talk shows such as “Vivement Dimanche”:

Canal Plus French channel

Canal Plus is a private channel that broadcast some of its programming for free, but for most of it, you will have to pay to watch it. Great movie channel:




Logos Radio France

France Radio A bunch of radio stations specialized in cultural shows, or the news etc.: 


RFM Music station, great to discover French singers/musicians.

Logo-Fun-RadioFun Radio Dance music station.

Logo NRJ

 NRJ Music station, mostly pop music, and it has a fairly young audience: 




French newspaper Le Canard Enchaine

Le Canard Enchaîné is a satirical out of the box weekly newspaper (see image). It is known for its provocative headlines and for its comic strips based on current events:


Marianne is also a weekly paper, and provocative too (see image). An intermediate level of French is enough to grasp the essential part of these news: 

LogoNouvelObsLe NouvelObs is a weekly magazine, great to get an overview of what’s going on in France. The website has a last minute headline section, and then more in-depth reports on French society, culture etc.:

Logo LeFigaroLe Figaro is also a weekly, more right-wing than Le NouvelObs, but organized in pretty much the same way. Another great way to investigate French society and culture:

Logo Le MondeLe Monde is the perfect daily if you’re in the mood for serious and intense. You need to have an advanced level of French to read this paper. Little bit by little bit…


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